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Fox McCloud

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Fox McCloud
Fox McCloud SF0 artwork.png
Fox McCloud, as he appears in Star Fox Zero.
Home planet Corneria
Role Team leader of Star Fox team
Premiere game Star Fox
Affiliations Star Fox, G-Zero Racing (Possibly)
Race Fox
Family James McCloud (father)
Krystal (wife)*
Marcus McCloud (son)*
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Fox McCloud is the main protagonist of the Star Fox series. He is a red-furred fox who leads a mercenary group named Star Fox, and is the son of James McCloud, the late leader of said team. Since his debut in the first Star Fox game, Fox has appeared in every game of the series, and is a playable character in every Star Fox game (except Star Fox Guard) as well as every Super Smash Bros. game.

Described as a fearless hero, Fox is headstrong and an excellent pilot in his league, with skills excelling even the majority of the Cornerian military. He is considered one of the greatest Arwing ace pilots around. Very few space pilots are on par with his skills, such as his colleague Falco Lombardi, or his nemesis Wolf O'Donnell.

Fox was originally called "Fox McCloud, Jr." because that was his name in Benimaru Itoh's comic adaptation of the first game, albeit the comics are considered to be non-canon.

Appearance and personality

Fox has green eyes, sometimes blue, with orange-brown fur, and his golden-brown white-highlighted hair is cut into a crew cut. The rest of his skin is a cream-colored tone. He additionally has a bushy white-tipped tail which appears to be very short in Star Fox 64 and Command. Fox is of medium height and medium weight, but this is contradicted in the Super Smash Bros. games, where he is a mid-sized target, but additionally very light.

Fox wears a flight jacket and a communications helmet in Star Fox, Star Fox 2, and Star Fox 64. This can also be seen in the Super Smash Bros. series. In Star Fox Adventures, his look was updated. He loses the helmet and puts on a red scarf and zips open his jacket. He also wears some hard metal boots and switches his pants color from gray to green, and wears a knee pad on his left leg. In Star Fox: Assault, Fox wears all green and a white jacket, apparently lightly armored. He also wears more pads on his elbows and knees and has a communicator on his arm, as well as a backpack for carrying items, including rock candies and Krystal's Staff in Star Fox Adventures to weapons in Star Fox: Assault. In Star Fox Command, Fox goes back to wearing his classic outfit from Star Fox 64.

Fox speaks in a rather youthful voice in all games, but the style and personality differs with each voice actor. Considering the multiple similarities between the Star Fox games and the Star Wars franchise, Fox's personality and character is similar to Luke Skywalker; this comparison has been made in the Star Fox: Assault Nintendo Player's Guide.


"Head of the commandos-for-hire Star Fox team. He's responsible and extremely capable of assessing situations and giving orders, not to mention a fiery hero with a strong sense of responsibility and a record of success."
Star Fox: Assault instruction booklet, page 36

Spoiler warning: The following contains key plot or ending details.

Early history

Fox McCloud was born to James McCloud and an unnamed mother eighteen years before the events of Star Fox 64. Though it is unknown what happened to the mother, it is known that James was eventually forced to raise Fox on his own. Over time, Fox joined a pilot's academy with his old friend, Bill Grey.

Eventually, Andross began his rise to power and Pepper, General of the Cornerian Defense Force, hired his old friends the Star Fox team to take him down. Unfortunately, Pigma Dengar, a member of this team, was on Andross's payroll and betrayed James to his supposed death. While James's fate remains unknown, the third pilot, Peppy Hare, escaped and was left with unenviable task of informing Fox of his father's demise. Fox followed in the footsteps of his father by forming a new Star Fox team with his friends Slippy Toad, Falco Lombardi and original member Peppy Hare.

Star Fox series

Star Fox 64 / Lylat Wars

The Star Fox team led by Fox McCloud.

A few years had passed and Andross once again became a threat to the Lylat System. Once again, Pepper called upon the Star Fox team, now under Fox's command to defeat Andross' army. The team made their way to Corneria City immediately, but arrived to find the city in ruin. The team proceeded through the Lylat system going to such planets as Aquas, Titania and Macbeth, and encountering old friends Bill Grey and Katt Monroe. They also fought against their rival team, Star Wolf, on Fichina and Bolse Defense Satellite.

The team soon made it to Area 6 where they stormed through the Venomian Army with help from ROB 64 and the Star Fox mothership, the Great Fox. Arriving at the entrance to Andross's lair on Venom, Star Wolf attacked the team in their new Wolfen IIs. Even with the advanced ships, Wolf's team was easily trumped by Star Fox and Fox continued on into the tunnels of Venom alone. There he confronted Andross.

Fox fighting Andross's lieutenant Granga on Corneria.

Andross's experiments had destroyed most of his body and transformed what was left into a giant, floating head with two equally sized hands. Using his Arwing's powerful lasers, Fox destroyed Andross's hands and head which revealed his true form, an enormous brain with eyes electromagnetically connected. After an intense battle, Fox defeated the brain, triggering a bomb set to destroy his lab as a last resort. James's Arwing appeared before Fox and James told Fox to follow him out. Through the burning laboratory, Fox followed what could only be his father out onto the surface. When Fox finally made his way back to the Great Fox, he looked around to find his father nowhere. The other team members asked Fox if something was wrong, but he responded saying that it was nothing.

The team then returned to Corneria to obtain their reward from General Pepper. Pepper asked the team if they would be willing to join the Cornerian Army, but Fox cut him off, saying that the team prefered doing things their own way. Fox then got a message from ROB 64 telling them the Great Fox was ready to go and the Star Fox team hurried on to a new adventure.

Star Fox Adventures

Artwork from Star Fox Adventures
Fox's interaction with General Pepper

Eight years after the Lylat Wars, Falco leaves the team and the vehicles are in disrepair, leaving the Star Fox team in need of a new job. They became ecstatic when General Pepper calls about a disaster occurring on Dinosaur Planet. General Pepper sends Fox down to the planet to investigate.

Fox first begins his journey at ThornTail Hollow. After exiting his Arwing, Fox asked Pepper why he couldn't have brought his blaster. Pepper responded by saying that he was trying to save the planet, not blow it up further. Fox's weapon problems were solved when he found a staff impaled into the ground. When he picked up the staff, he heard a female voice speaking in a language he had never heard before. Despite this, understood the voice and, after gaining a new ability for the staff, used it to enter a mysteriously locked cavern. Inside was the Queen EarthWalker. Fox had Slippy translate through his communicator and founds that he had to go to Ice Mountain to find Prince Tricky. To get there, Fox had to use a living statue called the WarpStone. At first, the WarpStone was uncooperative, but after some convincing, he agreed to help Fox.

After arriving, Fox found two SharpClaw grunts with a captured Tricky in tow. He freed Tricky and defeated the grunts. At that point, Slippy sent down the translation device and Fox warned Tricky about his mother. Upon returning to ThornTail Hollow, Fox learned what was truly going on. General Scales, leader of the SharpClaw tribe, had taken the SpellStones from the Force Point Temples and released the Krazoa Spirits from the Krazoa Palace. This caused the energies within Sauria to break the planet apart. Though he thought it odd, Fox understood and took Tricky to the SnowHorn Wastes where they met Garunda Te, leader of the SnowHorn Tribe and GateKeeper of DarkIce Mines. Scales had threatened his tribe with death if Garunda did not let him into the mines. Though Garunda had not, his daughter Belina Te could not see the tribe destroyed allowed him into the mines. Fox proceeded to fly his Arwing to the piece of the planet that contains DarkIce Mines. Entering the mines, he eventually found Belina locked inside a SharpClaw cell. After freeing her, Fox continued on until he found a portal that led to the chamber of Galdon. Fox fought the monster and was eventually swallowed, allowing him to obtain the SpellStone and kill Galdon. As Fox walked back to his Arwing with Belina, he told her to forgive her father as he was only thinking of the good of the planet and she agreed.

Fox then returned to the Queen EarthWalker and found he had to head to the Volcano Force Point Temple to place the SpellStone. He quickly got to the temple and placed the SpellStone in the Force Point. On the way back through Moon Mountain Pass, he heard the voice from the staff again. This time, she was pleading for help and a Krazoa Spirit appeared that appointed Fox the mission of finding the other five spirits. After finding one in the mountain area, he returned to the WarpStone and was sent to the Krazoa Palace. Before releasing the spirit into the palace, he saw a beautiful vixen imprisoned at the height of the tower and swore to save her. He then headed for Cape Claw where the Queen CloudRunner was held captive. After freeing her, Fox followed her to the piece of the Sauria with the CloudRunner Fortress located on it. Tricky had not come due to a rivalry between the EarthWalkers and the CloudRunners. Fox continued on alone until he ran into General Scales himself. Both he and the Queen were captured, though Fox managed to escape when Slippy sent him a SharpClaw Disguise. He broke the Queen out and rescued her children. He then found Scales again trying to hide a SpellStone. Scales handed the stone to three SharpClaw grunts who fled on their vehicles. Fox chased them on a fourth vehicle, destroyed the vehicles, and collected the SpellStone.

After returning to Cape Claw, Fox found the Ocean Force Point Temple hidden behind a great statue of a Krazoa head and placed the SpellStone in the Force Point. On his way back, Fox was ambushed by the LightFoot tribe who believe him to be a SharpClaw ally. With the help of a CloudRunner, Fox forced the tribe back and was allowed to leave. Fox then headed to the Walled City, the palace of the EarthWalkers. This was where the King EarthWalker was held captive. General Scales had freed the RedEye tribe, a savage tribe that the EarthWalkers had kept in containment until now. Fox learned how to defeat the RedEyes and freed the King from inside the palace. After this, Fox continued down beneath the palace where the King RedEye was hidden. Fox managed to defeat the savage king and pry the SpellStone from his head. Once again, Fox visited the Volcano Force Point and so he could place the penultimate SpellStone.

As for the location of the next GateKeeper, Fox had no idea. It was only when he talked to a ThornTail that had previously been silent, that Fox learned the ThornTail was the GateKeeper. He had led resistance team against the SharpClaw, but failed and was the only one to escape. Fox then made his way to Dragon Rock, the location of the last SpellStone. Here, he helped save three Dinosaurs, the last of which had previously assisted Krystal, the vixen Fox had earlier seen imprisoned. After destroying the barriers around the tower in the center, Fox fought Drakor, a mutant experiment ordered by General Scales. Fox defeated the abomination and obtained the final SpellStone. Though, when he placed the stone in the Force Point Temple, he found that nothing happened.

For guidance, Fox returned to the King EarthWalker. The King told Fox that he would need the other two Krazoa Spirits. He then pleaded Fox to find the spirits so he could see his wife again and, thinking of Krystal, Fox stated they both had their reasons for finding the spirits. After solving two great puzzles, Fox found the chamber of the fifth Krazoa Spirit. Before leaving, Fox told Tricky to stay behind and said that Tricky was now an honorary member of Team Star Fox.

Fox immediately landed at the top of the Krazoa Palace and released the spirit, thus unlocking a warp to the location of the final spirit. Here, Fox was confronted by General Scales himself, but before they could fight, a disembodied voice forced Scales to reveal that he had the final Krazoa Spirit and transfer it to Fox. Fox then escaped to release it. As the spirits whirled around the imprisoned Krystal, they entered her body and then were shot out into the statue of the Krazoa. Krystal's prison then shattered and she began to fall from the top of the palace. At the last moment, Fox thrust Krystal's staff out and she caught it. When their eyes met, it was love at first sight. At that moment, the statue's head broke off and flew up into space with Fox right behind it in his Arwing. When the head turned around, it was revealed that the true master behind the Saurian crisis was Andross reborn. Fox put up a great fight against the mad scientist reborn, but at one point, found he could no longer dodge Andross's attacks.

Andross had began to suck Fox in with his breath when a Smart Bomb was fired into Andross's mouth. Fox turned to see that Falco had returned. Together they defeated the demonic ape and healed the planet.

Fox was next seen in the Great Fox getting a message from General Pepper. The General proceeded to send Star Fox the bill for their efforts and Falco walked in and asked to rejoin the team. At this point, Peppy remembered to play a message sent from Krystal to Fox. In the message, she apologized for being unable to talk long. While the message played, the team heared a noise from the Great Fox's boarding platform and, at the end of the message, Krystal enters. Fox was visibly blushing when ROB 64 accidentally revealed that Fox's internal temperature was rising and that he was clearly in love with Krystal. The scene ends with the two looking and smiling at each other.

Star Fox: Assault

Fox as he began searching for the source of a distress signal.

Another year passed and Fox was next seen in the Great Fox with his fellow team members flying into Fortunian space to assist the defense force against an insurgency led by Andross's nephew, Andrew Oikonny. Fox, Falco, Slippy, and Krystal chased the ape to the planet's surface and even to his base. When they finally confront him, Oikonny's ship had taken a similar form to Andross. Fox almost destroyed the machine when another laser seared through the head of the robot. Fox's team flew towards the origin of the laser and found an enormous robotic moth. After a wearisome battle, Fox destroyed the moth's wings and retrieved a strange orb from its head under Peppy's orders. The four made a retreat after an entire army of moths appeared in the skies.

Upon briefing, Peppy revealed that the moth the team had faced was something called an Aparoid, a strange monster that operated on a hive mind. Fox's team was then sent to Katina to answer a distress signal. While Falco, Krystal, and Slippy stayed in the air, Fox went to the base and took out dozens of Aparoids and Aparoid Hatchers. Upon the destruction of the final hatcher, an enormous Aparoid with a similar orb called a Core Memory attacked Fox. Using a Landmaster, Fox defeated the creature and exposed the Core Memory. Before he could retrieve the core, the distress signal stopped transmitting and a ship flew out of the base. The ship belonged to Pigma, who proceeded to steal and fly off with the Core Memory. The Star Fox team followed Pigma to the Sargasso Space Hideout. Here Falco and Krystal dealt with the space fighters, while Fox and Slippy destroyed a series of enemy transporter devices. After the transporters were destroyed the leader of the hideout, Wolf O'Donnell and his team. A quick dogfight once again left Wolf's team coming out below Star Fox. With information from Star Wolf, Star Fox heads out to Fichina.

Fox arrived on Fichina to find that the climate control center has been shut down by Pigma. Using a Landmaster, Fox destroyed the energy sources of the three shield generators that defend the center. Upon entering, Fox reactivates the climate control device, but he is then attacked by the security bots. He is saved by Falco after a short amount of time of defending himself and hopped on Falco's Arwing until Peppy could send him an Arwing. At that time, Slippy analyzed the security bots and found they were possessed by Aparoids. Pigma proceeded to escape and awaken an Aparoid that had possessed the climate device, causing it to go on a countdown to explosion. Fox forgot about Pigma and fires as many Smart Bombs into the device as possible, stopping the countdown and saving the device. He then followed Pigma to the Meteo Asteroid Belt where Pigma had built a new base for himself and the Aparoids. Fox and his team cleared the base to find Pigma's ship floating empty in space. Close by was a strange machine with Pigma, infected by Aparoids, seemingly swallowed by the enormous weapon. Fox managed to destroy the strange amalgamation of machine and pig and retrieved the Core Memory.

Fox taken surprise by Tricky's request of him and Krystal coming back on their honeymoon.

Fox's team was then contacted by General Pepper who told them that they were able to find the location of the Aparoid Homeworld. Before Fox could go, Krystal received a telepathic message from Tricky on Sauria asking for help in dealing with an Aparoid invasion. Fox reached the planet to find no living Dinosaurs and any living ones in hiding. The planet had been infested with Aparoid Hatchers which Fox and Krystal were sent down to destroy. After destroying the hatchers, Fox and Krystal found Tricky, who poked fun at Fox and Krystal's obvious relationship and asked them to come back on their honeymoon. Fox, embarrassed, denied everything and Krystal stopped the fight.

After returning to the Great Fox, Fox received news from General Pepper. Corneria City had been destroyed by an Aparoid invasion that had nearly wiped out the Corneria Defense Force. Fox arrived on the ground to destroy a series of radar jammers, while his teammates had to deal with Cornerian soldiers infected by Aparoids. Fox destroyed the jammers using his Sniper Rifle and Peppy sent him an Arwing so he could join the air fight. Fox arrived to find the Arwing Peppy had sent him destroyed and himself surrounded by Aparoids. At the last moment, Wolf flew in and saved Fox, saying that he only came so he could kill Fox himself later. Fox rode on Wolf's Wolfen wing and destroyed many Aparoids before the General's flagship approached on the horizon with Pepper flying it, but both were infected by the Aparoids. The General told Fox that there was no choice but to destroy him. Fox reluctantly did as his friend commanded and shot down the General's flagship. Against all recommendation, Peppy had flown in an Arwing between the ground and General's path to save him. With the General out of commission, Fox and company flew to the Beltino Orbital Gate where they would warp to the Aparoid Homeworld. Unfortunately, the space station was then targeted by over a dozen Aparoid missiles, but they were quickly destroyed by Star Fox and Star Wolf, who then proceeded through the warp gate.

Fox distressed at Peppy's impending sacrifice.

At the homeworld, Fox and Krystal went on the offensive and destroyed a series of hatchers while Falco and Slippy defended them from air fighters and Peppy acted as commander of the invasion. When the hatchers were destroyed, the shield covering the entrance to the lair of the Aparoid Queen. Before they could enter, though, a new, energy based shield was put up by the Queen. At that point, Peppy told the team to clear out as they see the Great Fox, covered in Aparoids and failing, plummeting towards the shield. When the mothership collided with the shield, the shield shattered, opening up a window for the team. Fox told everyone they had to use this window to battle the Queen. When Fox and his friends entered the tunnel, they soon found themselves followed by Star Wolf. The two teams fought through the tunnel until the enemies began to overwhelm them right before the Queen's chamber. Wolf's team drew the enemies away so Fox and his team could make their way to the Queen. There the Queen used the voices of Pigma, Pepper, Peppy, ROB, and even James to convince Star Fox to give up. Fox knowing his father would never even allow him to give up, told his team blast the armor off the Queen. With the armor gone, Fox fired a self-destruct program into the Queen. She managed to suppress it and escaped into another tunnel. Fox's team worked together to destroy the Aparoid Queen's body, but Fox was forced to go it alone when all that remained was the Queen's head. The Queen's ultimate destruction caused the destruction of all the remaining Aparoids and their planet and with his team, Fox escaped.

After the planet's destruction, Fox's team remembered those who were killed in the war. At that point, a flashing light was seen by Slippy and it was revealed that Peppy and ROB had ejected the bridge of the Great Fox and escaped, something Fox had already known. He then revealed that Pepper and Wolf's team very well could be alive. When asked what to do next, Fox thanked his friends and they began a new adventure.

Canon warning: The following content contains information that has not been confirmed canon or non canon.

Star Fox Command

Fox and ROB 64

The two years following the fall of the Aparoids were not particularly kind to Fox McCloud. While he was proud of Peppy leaving to become the general of the Cornerian Army, he then did something he was not proud of. Ever since they met, Fox had silently loved Krystal, but he knew the dangers of being a pilot in the Star Fox team. He decided to fire Krystal from the team. After that, the team began to fall apart. Sometime later, the Anglar attacked and Fox, unable to go back to his former team and friends, went after them with only ROB 64 as an ally.

The two made their way to Corneria. By the time they got there, though, many of the cities had been invaded. Fox fought an entire squadron of Anglar before deciding that he was going to need help.

The game has nine different endings, each one involving Fox:

Reunion With Slippy

This story occurs if Fox chooses to team up with Slippy on Corneria.

Fox decided to have ROB set up a connection to contact Slippy. After catching up, Fox asked his old friend if he would join him in fighting the Anglar. Slippy agreed and they both forced the Anglar out of another group of cities. Afterwards, Fox intercepted a transmission from Lucy Hare to Peppy Hare, her father, and Fox is forced to decide which one to save.

Decision Time

This story occurs if Fox chooses to continue against the Anglars alone.

Fox continued on his own through Cornerian skies. He began to wish that Falco was with him when he saw the sheer amount of enemies in the city before him. Partway through the battle, Fox was aided by Dash Bowman, a fighter in the Cornerian Defense Force. When the city was cleared, he left Dash to find another pilot to help him fight the Anglars.

General Peppy

This story occurs if Fox and Slippy choose to aid Peppy on Corneria.

Fox and Slippy stayed on Corneria to find their old teammate Peppy. Fox and ROB were unable to locate him and were forced to deal with the Anglar lieutenant, Zazan. After Zazan's defeat Fox managed to get in contact with Peppy. When Peppy asked where Krystal was, Fox told him that he didn't think he'd see her again because she hated him. Slippy began to consider going to Aquas to check on his fiancee Amanda and Fox went to the Asteroid Belt.

Fog of War

This story occurs if Fox and Slippy decide to aid Lucy on Fichina.

Instead of helping out Peppy, Fox and Slippy went to Fichina to aid his daughter and their childhood friend, Lucy. At first, they were unable to contact her. They were able to contact her after destroying some of the Anglar fleet in the area and she revealed Oikonny to be the one behind the attacks. Fox and Slippy were once again given a choice that could save or doom a planet.

Oikonny Strikes Back

This story occurs if Fox and Slippy stay on Fichina and aid Lucy.

Deciding to stay on Fichina, Fox was soon contacted by Andrew Oikonny. Fox insulted him when he realized that Oikonny was just a pawn of the Anglar. Lucy convinced Fox to let her join in the fight. After Oikonny's defeat, Fox left Lucy to her own devices while he went with Slippy to Aquas.

Former Rivals

This story occurs if Fox chooses to look for Wolf.

Fox decided to ally with his old enemy Wolf on Fichina. He was forced to fight Wolf and his team so that he would talk. When Fox beat Star Wolf, he managed to recruit Wolf to aid him in the fight against the Anglar. The two went to Solar to meet up with Falco. While waiting for Falco, the duo tackled a group of Anglar and Fox was taunted by Wolf when he revealed that she was on his team and with Panther. Falco soon arrived and told them about a massive Anglar weapon. Wolf came up with an idea to destroy it and Fox agreed. With the weapon destroyed, Fox was sent a message from General Peppy about a mission to Titania and Wolf was given the choice to join them.

Wolf's Plot

This story occurs if Wolf decides to join Fox and Falco on Titania.

Fox and his allies flew immediately to Titania. They defeated Andross's bioweapons and claimed a machine that would purify the Venom Sea. Unfortunately, Wolf claimed the device for his team and flew off. Fox and Falco flew off to Sector Y to find him.

The Meteorite Trap

This story occurs if Fox decides to meet with Falco in the Asteroid Belt after being assisted by Dash, or if Slippy leaves him after assisting Peppy.

Fox went to the Asteroid Belt to meet up with Falco. Fox was forced to fight a group Anglar while Falco appeared late. He defended Slippy when Falco talked about him and his fiancee. Fox suggests they go find Slippy, but Falco said that Krystal would be more helpful. Fox said he couldn't go back to Krystal and Falco gave in to go see Slippy.

At Aquas, Fox was contacted by Amanda who asked if Slippy was there. Fox was worried that Slippy was in trouble and his worries came true when he found Slippy hypnotized by another Anglar admin named Octoman. Slippy was saved after Octoman's defeat. Seeing Slippy and Amanda together, Fox finally gave in to everyone's wishes and decided to go look for Krystal.

Missile Threat

This story occurs if Fox and Slippy decide to got to the Beltino Orbital Gate from either Fichina or Corneria.

At the Beltino Orbital Gate, Fox and Slippy decided to help out Slippy's father Beltino. There Fox was informed of a machine that would neutralize the acidity of the Venom Sea. Fox questioned who would create such a thing and was shocked when the response was Andross. Fox was soon convinced by Falco to go to Katina to find Krystal.


This story is seen if Fox comes from either the Beltino Orbital Gate or Aquas after saving Slippy.

While Falco and Slippy aided Bill Grey, Fox went to find Krystal. Fox found her only for her to snap at him and find Panther Caroso and Leon Powalski with her. The four clear the Anglar a from the area and Fox continues to ask Krystal to come back. Fox's humbled status and pleas for help surprise Krystal and she gives him the chance to apologize. Fox shrugged off all of his pride and honor when he pleaded for Krystal's forgiveness.

Fox and Krystal

This story occurs if Krystal accepts Fox's apology.

Krystal had decided to accept Fox's apology, but had not yet forgiven him. Fox was treated extremely coldly by her. He argued with her when she revealed Andross's true intentions those many years ago. Fox, his team, and Krystal together go to Titania and defeat the bioweapon guarding the machine Andross had built. About to go enter the Venom Sea, Fox told Krystal that she can do what she wants know and that he doesn't care. Krystal was put off, but went with them anyway. Fox's team worked together to finally put an end to the Anglar Emperor. Fox thanked Krystal and asked her for forgiveness. She originally laughed at the thought of forgiving him so easily, but when Fox ultimately confessed his love to her, she realized that she was wrong and rejoined the team.

Goodbye, Fox
Fox and Krystal with their son Marcus.

This story occurs if ROB goes to Titania with Peppy.

Fox and his two friends were all surprised when Peppy joined them on their mission to Titania. Upon claiming a machine to neutralize the acidity of the Venom Sea, Fox made a life changing decision. Fox decided that he would quit the Star Fox team after this mission. He realized that this life is what caused him to push Krystal away. After the decimation of the Anglar, Fox finds Krystal on Sauria after dissolving the Star Fox team. He promised to spend the rest of his life with her. Years later, the Fox and Krystal were married and had a son named Marcus.

We Meet Again
Fox is left alone once more.

This story occurs if ROB stays with Fox and Slippy on the way to Aquas.

Fox and Slippy decided to meet up with Falco on Aquas. The trio helped free Aquas of the Anglar with the help of Slippy's fiancee, Amanda. Fox then got extremely bad news from Falco, Krystal had joined Star Wolf. He then got a message from Peppy that the Anglar were following him through the Asteroid Belt. The team cut through Sector X and found Krystal along the way the two apologized to each other and got on their way. The team together destroyed the Anglar in the Asteroid Belt. Fox then encountered Star Wolf and found them to have really calmed down. Fox was glad to once again have Krystal with him, but had not yet confessed his love to her. Despite having a good friendship with him, Krystal could no longer stand to be with Fox. While Krystal left to be with Star Wolf, Fox broke down and was once again left alone and unloved.

Lucy and Krystal

This story occurs if ROB stays on Corneria with Lucy.

When Fox returned to Corneria, he found party and Krystal waiting for him. The two left the party sometime during the night to talk. The two confessed their love to each other at that time and Krystal promised to rejoin the Star Fox team.

Dash Makes a Decision

This story occurs if Wolf leaves Fox and Falco before they go to Titania.

Fox and Falco proceeded to fly from Solar to Titania. There, Fox met the young pilot Dash who had helped him on Corneria. The three worked together to destroy Andross's bioweapon and claim a machine that would purify the Venom Sea. It was then that Dash chose to reveal that he was the grandson of Andross, something that surprised Fox. When Dash asked if Fox would teach him to become a pilot, Fox agreed and the three flew to Venom. There, Fox saw his father once again, though no one else saw him. The four pilots fought together and destroyed the remains of the Anglar. After the battle, Fox told Dash that it was he who killed Andross, something Dash then told him he already knew. Dash then apologized to Fox about his father and Fox said that Dash had nothing to do with that. Fox and Falco left Dash on Venom as per his wish and left for an unknown destination.

The Curse of Pigma
Fox is depressed that Star Wolf ruined his life

This story occurs if ROB goes after Wolf with Fox and Falco.

Fox and Falco followed Wolf to Sector Y only to find him gone and the remains of the robot that had absorbed Pigma. Fox attacked Pigma had made an alliance with Wolf. The duo destroyed Pigma, but Fox lost all hope when he heard the message Star Wolf broadcast across the system. When he realized everything Wolf's team had taken from him, Fox suggested that he and Falco leave the Lylat system and go to the planet Papetoon. Fox lived on Papetoon, but only barely as he rarely ate and was often in and out of sickness. Falco soon had the idea of the two joining the G-Zero racing division. There, Fox and Falco became household names and they left behind the memories of Star Fox.

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Super Smash Bros. series

Fox McCloud is one of the eight standard fighters who appears in every Super Smash Bros. game. He is considered one of the fastest fighters.

Super Smash Bros.

Artwork from Super Smash Bros..

In Super Smash Bros., Fox's character build is based on his appearance in Star Fox 64 and is the sole representative of his series. Other than Captain Falcon, he is the fastest character in the game. He is a light-weight character and has the best jump in the game. His standard attacks mostly focus on punches and kicks. His standard special attack is his blaster, which causes his targets to flinch. His down special attack activates his Reflector. The Reflector was built by Slippy and uses similar technology as the Arwing's barrel roll to reflect enemy projectiles. His recovery move is the Fire Fox which engulfs Fox in flames allowing him to rocket forward. Both Fox and Captain Falcon are the only characters to have their moves completely created for the game. In one-player mode, he is fought on the Sector Z stage under normal circumstances.

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Artwork from Melee.

Fox returns in the second game, Super Smash Bros. Melee. This time, his character build is based on his appearance in the original Star Fox game. He is once again the second fastest character in the game behind Captain Falcon. Fox's blaster now allows for rapid fire, but no longer stuns the enemy. He also can now use the move Fox Illusion, which allows Fox to rush forward extremely fast, leaving blue Fox mirages behind him. His up and down special moves remain the same from the original game.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Artwork from Brawl.

Fox reappears in the third installment, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, where he also appears as a starting character. He was the first character to be revealed after game's unveiling trailer.[1] Fox's character build this time comes from Star Fox Command, but with a more realistic looking appearance. This makes him similar to Toon Link in terms of character build construction. While his speed remained the same, the addition of Sonic and Zero Suit Samus lowered him to fourth top speed. All his special moves are mostly the same as they were in Melee with his standard moves getting some new animations. His Final Smash summons a Landmaster Tank allowing him to blast and roll over enemies.

The Subspace Emissary
Fox's introduction image in The Subspace Emissary.

Fox was first seen in The Subspace Emissary flying over Pit and Mario in his Arwing and following the Battleship Halberd. His ship was unfortunately shot down, accidentally taking a nearby Kirby and whichever princess Kirby had saved with him.

Fox's Arwing crash landed by a lake shore in a jungle. The wreckage was soon found by Diddy Kong, who was then attacked by the legendary Pokemon, Rayquaza. Fox ejected from his Arwing just in time to save Diddy from the dragon. The two then teamed up to defeat Rayquaza. Fox intended to go it alone after the battle, but Diddy constantly asked him to help him save Donkey Kong. Fox continued to say no, but was soon dragged away by Diddy. The two fought through the jungle until they found a false Bowser. Fox and Diddy defeated Bowser only to realize it was a clone. The real Bowser shot Fox with a Dark Cannon, but Fox dodged and carried Diddy away from Bowser. Fox and Diddy are later seen fighting through another part of the jungle. Fox watched as Diddy was ambushed by Bowser and turned into a trophy. Fox was then targeted by Bowser, but dodged until Falco came to his rescue. Diddy was then possessed by a group of Shadow Bugs by Bowser and untrophified by Fox. The three defeated the giant false Diddy while Bowser escaped. Diddy then attempted to get Falco to help him find Diddy. Fox told Falco that he should agree, but Falco didn't listen and was also dragged away by Diddy. Fox then called the Great Fox for transportation.

Fox flying his Arwing while battling the Halberd.

Fox had separated from Falco and Diddy and went after the Halberd again. He was shot again by the Halberd, but kept the Arwing in the sky this time. Fox blasted the Halberd's cannon, nearly hitting Peach, who was scaling the Halberd's bridge with Sheik. To defend Princess Peach, Sheik used her Vanish technique to appear on Fox's Arwing and shatter the cockpit glass sending both Fox and herself plummeting to the Halberd. The two rushed each other, but Peach interrupted, and offered both a cup of hot tea. Fox was caught off guard, but accepted when he saw that Sheik had taken some. After they finished, they were surprised by a group of false Mr. Game and Watches falling from the bridge. The Shadow Bugs that made up the false characters combined to form the massive robot named Duon. Fox, Peach, and Sheik were soon joined by Lucario and Snake. Falco also joined after finishing his mission with Diddy. The seven heroes defeated Duon and, when Mr. Game and Watch's trophy appeared, Fox pointed his blaster at it, but Peach stopped him and woke up Mr. Game and Watch.

Fox met up with the other heroes after the destruction of the Isle of Ancients. His Arwing was one of the several ships that escaped the destruction of the Halberd and Fox followed Kirby and the other ships into Subspace. After clearing part of Subspace, Fox and the other heroes found Tabuu defeating Ganondorf. All the heroes were immediately defeated by Tabuu's Off Wave attack. Fox was found and awoken by King Dedede, Luigi, and Ness and teamed up with other heroes saved by Dedede's team and the heroes saved by Kirby and fought Tabuu. Fox and the other heroes defeated Tabuu and all the Subspace portals disappeared. The heroes that defeated Tabuu, including Fox then looked from a cliff at where the floating Isle of Ancients used to be.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U

Fox, as one of the original twelve fighters, appears once more in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Like the earlier titles, Fox is available from the start. He retains most of his moveset from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, with a few minor tweaks. His model is also mostly unchanged from Brawl, with an altered blaster, better fur texture, and an overall brighter scheme to match the game's art direction.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Fox returns in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as one of the original eight fighters available at the start. His moveset is largely unchanged, though his Final Smash has been changed to an air strike attack called Team Star Fox. Mike West reprises his role as Fox's voice actor, using a deeper voice akin to Star Fox Zero. In the Japanese version, Fox is voiced by Takashi Ōhara, his voice actor in the Japanese versions of Star Fox 64 3D and Star Fox Zero. Game play-wise, Fox has received a mix of buffs and debuffs.

In the World of Light campaign, Fox is there at the start of Galeem's attack, leading the other characters into battle. He is soon vaporized with every one else, except Kirby, and can be rescued next to a heart-shaped lake in the Light Realm.

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Other appearances

Fox McCloud appears in Super Mario Maker as one of Mario's costumes, and a suit based on Fox also appears in Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, both obtained by scanning his amiibo. Fox McCloud also makes an appearance in the Ubisoft game, Starlink: Battle for Atlas.

Profiles and statistics

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List of appearances

Voice actors

  • Mike West in Star Fox 64 , Star Fox 64 3D and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U
  • Steve Malpass in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Star Fox Adventures
  • Jim Walker in Star Fox: Assault and Super Smash Bros. Brawl


Star Fox 64

  • "All aircraft report!"
  • "Sorry to jet, but I'm in a hurry."
  • "Oh no sir, we prefer doing things our own way."


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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フォックス・マクラウド
Fokkusu Makuraudo
Fox McCloud
Traditional Chinese 火狐
Simplified Chinese 火狐
Dutch Fox McCloud -
French Fox McCloud -
German Fox McCloud -
Italian Fox McCloud -
Korean 폭스
Russian Фокс Маклауд
Foks Maklaud
Fox McCloud
Spanish Fox McCloud -


  • According to the official Star Fox 64 website, Fox was 18 years old during the events of Star Fox 64.[2] Considering the fact that Star Fox Command takes place eleven years later, that makes Fox twenty-nine years old as of Star Fox Command.


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