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Supply Ring

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Supply Ring
Gold Ring SF643D art.png
A Gold Ring from Star Fox 64 3D.
Games Star Fox 64 (3D)
Star Fox Adventures
Star Fox: Assault
Star Fox Command
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Supply Rings[1][2] are recurring items in the Star Fox series, and make their debut in the first Star Fox. They recover damage taken by an Arwing, Landmaster or other vehicles. Supply Rings were originally described as "checkpoint rings." There are different types of Supply Rings, make a special sound when obtained which may differ from game to game.


Star Fox

In Star Fox, whenever Fox flies through a Supply Ring, most of his Arwing's shield energy is restored. Supply Rings also serve as checkpoints, so if the Arwing is destroyed, he restarts from the Supply Ring that he most recently passed through. There is also a Small Energy Supply[2] which only restores some of the Arwing's energy.

Star Fox 64

In Star Fox 64, Supply Rings can be found by destroying enemies or obstacles. Shield Rings are much more rare and are held by specific enemies or placed at certain points on a stage; collecting three of them will double the vehicle's shield capacity for the remainder of the stage, and every three collected after that will grant an Extra Life. Middle Supplies (also known as Supply Stars[3]) can be found in several places, such as in rocks on Solar or from defeating a member of Star Wolf team on Venom, and may also be found inside Containers if the vehicle's shield is extremely low; Middle Supplies completely restore the vehicle's shields when picked up. The Middle Supplies appear exclusively in Star Fox 64.

In Star Fox 64 3D, Supply Rings have the same function, although the three variants have different names; Supply Rings were renamed to Silver Rings, Shield Rings were renamed to Gold Rings, and Middle Supplies were renamed to Shield Stars.

Star Fox Adventures

In Star Fox Adventures, the two Supply Rings are referred to as just Silver Rings and Gold Rings respectively.[4] While Fox is traveling between the different regions of Dinosaur Planet in his Arwing, he must fly through a particular number of Gold Rings to open the force field surrounding the region. These rings are in fact Supply Rings. The silver ones appear in their original health recovery purpose too. Additionally, there are Moving Rings, Gold X Rings and Moving X Rings.[You need to reference that, Fox] The Moving Rings move across the screen either vertically or horizontally, and the X Rings are blocked by a small X, which must be shot in order to make the ring accessible.

Star Fox: Assault

In Star Fox: Assault, Supply Rings are named Silver Shield Rings and Gold Shield Rings,[5] but are functionally the same. There are also Platinum Shield Rings,[You need to reference that, Fox] but these are very rare and are only available in Multiplayer Mode.

Star Fox Command

There is another variant of the Supply Ring in Star Fox Command. Their appearance has changed drastically and are only yellow triangles forming a circle. While in the middle of a conflict, a Supply Ring will restore two bars of the ship's shield, but in multiplayer mode or on the map screen, an obtained Supply Ring fully restores the shield.

Star Fox Zero

In Star Fox Zero, there are three types of Supply Rings — Silver Rings, Shield Stars, and Gold Rings — which are the same as in Star Fox 64, but each one has its name and appearance taken from Star Fox 64 3D. The game also introduces Super Gold Rings,[6] which are nearly identical to Gold Rings but show a medal in the center; collecting three of them earns Fox a medal.


Star Fox

  • Instruction booklet (page 11):
    • Supply Ring: "After you fly through this ring, it will become your starting point if your ship is destroyed before you finish a stage. Flying through this ring will also restore most of your shield energy."
      • "If you miss the Supply Ring, you will continue an unfinished stage from back at the beginning."
    • Small Energy Shield: "This small ring will appear after you have destroyed certain enemies or missiles. When you fly through it, some of your shield energy will be replenished."

Star Fox 64

  • Instruction booklet (page 16):
    • Supply Ring: "Shield gauge will recover slightly."
    • Middle Supply: "Shield gauge will recover more."
  • Instruction booklet (page 17):
    • Shield Ring: "If you get three Shield Rings, you will increase the maximum value of your shield gauge. At the same time, the gauge will recover significantly. If you get another three, you will get a 1-Up. You can take the rings you didn't use to the next stage."

Star Fox Adventures

  • Instruction booklet (page 26):
    • Silver Ring: "Laser Upgrades and Smart Bombs can be picked up during the course of the Arwing missions, and energy can be replenished by flying through Silver Rings."
    • Gold Ring: "Even when when you have enough fuel, flying up to retrieve the SpellStones from the floating worlds in space is not as easy as it looks: Fox has to pilot his Arwing through varying number of Gold Rings in order to reach them."

Star Fox: Assault

  • Instruction booklet (page 35):
    • Silver Shield Ring: "This sparkling ring restores a small portion of a vehicle's shield."
    • Gold Shield Ring: "This glittering ring restores a medium portion of a vehicle's shield."

Star Fox Command

  • Instruction booklet (page 17): "Pick one of these to restore your ship's shields."

Star Fox 64 3D

  • Digital manual (tab 12):
    • Silver Ring: "Restores some of your shield gauge."
    • Shield Star: "Restores most of your shield gauge."
    • Gold Ring: "Restores some of your shield gauge. Collecting three will increase your shield gauge, and if you collect three more, you'll earn an extra vehicle."



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