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Laser Upgrade

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Item: Laser Upgrade
Laser Upgrade.jpg
The Laser Upgrade item as it appears in Star Fox Assault
Games Star Fox
Star Fox 64
Star Fox Adventures
Star Fox Assault
Star Fox Command
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The Laser Upgrade is an item that debuted in Star Fox. When collected, it increases the firepower of the Arwing, Wolfen, and Landmaster.

In the Star Fox franchise

Star Fox

In the original Star Fox, collecting the item would increase the player's laser count by one. When collected twice, it allowed the Arwing to fire bolts of plasma. The upgrade is permanent unless one of the wings break, or if the player loses a life.

Star Fox 64

In Star Fox 64, the item can be obtained by destroying certain enemies or obstacles. Additionally, ROB 64 may occasionally send it through a Supply Container.

Star Fox Adventures

In Star Fox Adventures, the Laser Upgrade and its availability remains virtually unchanged from its predecessor.

Star Fox: Assault

Star Fox: Assault introduced a red colored version of the item, which is equivalent to collecting two of the standard upgrades.

Star Fox Command

Star Fox 2

In Star Fox 2, they can be obtained by defeating enemies and found in various areas. Due to Miyu and Fay by default starting out with the first upgrade, collecting one while playing as either them will give them the full upgrade.


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