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For those who prefer lists, here is a list to every important page on the wiki. If you prefer a different way of surfing, please choose the method at the bottom of the page.

Welcome to Lylat Wiki's help guide! Here, we hope to be able to answer any questions you may have regarding using and editing Lylat Wiki. Note that this guide is an eternal work in progress, so more information will be added as deemed necessary.

Any suggestions for extra information can be mentioned on the talk page. Thanks!


Basic Editing

  • Getting started - Contains information on creating and editing pages, as well as basic Wiki coding.
  • Images - How to upload images and add them to pages.
  • Moving Pages - How to move a page to a different name
  • Redirects - How to use redirects.
  • References - How to locate, add, and display references in articles.
  • Talk Pages - How to edit talk pages properly.
  • Templates - How to create and use templates for pages.
  • Userboxes - How to add userboxes to your user page, and how to make a userbox.
  • Protected Pages- General information concerning protected pages.

Editing Guidelines

Advanced Editing

Other Information



The following pages are are all related to stuff within the game.







Real world

The Following are pages that are related to anything outside the game, but are still connected to the series. This doesn't include this wiki or anything exclusively related to it.




Wiki content

There are four types of pages: files, articles, categories, and template pages. They are organized under a system known as namespace, and the top-left tab of a page states its page type. Each namespace has its own functionality, for example, an uploaded file may automatically include metadata, which editors cannot insert themselves.

Each namespace must be used appropriately, as the content has a different effect between namespace. Templates are among the most evident example. For more information, see Help:Contents.


Articles are the main and most essential pages of a wiki. These include content pages (like #Game Related Content and #Real World Content). A related namespace, the Help namespace, provides direct information on Lylat Wiki itself, for example, policies.


Templates can be thought of as a design that is easily usable between numerous pages. Every template has its own purpose, which is described in its documentation. If a template is missing information or its documentation does not exist, feel free to add the information or report it on the template discussion page.


Categories are, as the name suggests, a collection of pages with relevance to the category title. Each page with the namespace Category: is treated as a category, and thus has will have the following sections. If there are no members that fall under the heading, it will not display.

Every category must somehow branch under the root category, Category:Lylat Wiki, or its appropriate subcategory (e.g. Category:Star Fox 64 must be sub-categorized under Category:Games). Some categories are an exception to this rule, and have a specific reason as to why. A list of every category is here.

If other categories branch from the current category, it shows up under this heading.
Any article, policy, or template that are tagged with the category.
Every file that is tagged with the category


Files are images and audio that are uploaded on to Lylat Wiki. Any file above 5MB in size cannot be added. A few sections are includes on a file page:

File History
If an older version of a file is superseded by a newer one, the previous image is archived under this title.
File Links
This lists which pages that the file is embedded in.
As mentioned earlier, the image metadata may be included, especially real world photos that originate from a camera.

There are a few useful pages for files.


As a community, it is important to have fun once in a while. One way of doing this is with your user pages. Every registered user has their own userpage, which can found by typing User: followed by the username. Another method is by clicking the username, which is located at the top-right of the web page (for the Monobook skin).


Userpages often have userboxes that are usually used to describe the user. To find out more, see Help:Userboxes or the category Category:Userboxes.