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Company: Bandai Namco
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Type Subsidary
Founded June 1st, 1955
Industry Video game industry
Employees 900
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Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc., formerly named Bandai Namco Games Inc., is a video game publisher based in Japan that creates and publishes arcade, mobile, and console games. Bandai Namco was founded in 2006 upon the merger of the video game divisions of both Bandai and Namco.

Star Fox games created

Bandai Namco has created two Star Fox related games in its lifetime; a main series game by Namco before the merger, and a fighting game starring Fox and Falco.


  • When Star Fox: Assault was announced, an arcade version called Star Fox Arcade was also announced to be in development. However, it has never been mentioned since its initial announcement, and it is assumed to have been cancelled.
Publishers: Nintendo
Developers: Nintendo EAD, Argonaut Software, Rare, Namco, Q-Games