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Lylat Wiki:Draft Policies

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Shortcut: LW:Draft

With the wiki just being set up, we have much work to do. There are many articles that need need expanding, and others that need to be checked for Spelling and Grammar. But what of the Wiki itself. Do we wish run around like an old western

At our wiki, you have the power to help shape up the rules. The administration is just around to help the users out, and the staff help organize the work force, but the users are the reason the Wiki exists. We want to make sure this is a place where you want to come and contribute; no matter how insignificant the contribution maybe.

Right now we have many policies in place that we feel we need in order to help protect ourselves as we are just starting out. In no way, are these policies permanent. Some of them, pending some modifications and review, may continue to serve the wiki as a permanent policy. Others, may instead be removed once they are no longer needed.

New Policies

To draft new policy, please follow the following steps to help ease the process, and guide you through it.

Step 1:Proposing a New Policy

Launch a discussion at Lylat Wiki:Starting a Policy Discussion. In it, explain what you think the policy will be called, it's scope, intention and any initial details you have.

If you can prove to community that it might be worth something to have, then please launch it as a new page (with Lylat Wiki: before its title) and stick all the details you can in it. At the top of the page, place {{draft-policy}}, in order to ensure people know it is currently a draft. Save, and continue to step 2.

Step 2:Getting Community Feed Back

Once you have launched the page, talking about the policy now moves from the page under Lylat Wiki:Starting a Policy Discussion to the new page's respective discussion page. Be sure the old conversation is marked as closed, and include a link to the new discussion page. It's time to improve the draft.

Using feedback given to you on the discussion page, cultivate the policy to include anything you think would be useful in elaborating the policy's purpose and scope, but don't include anything that is too far away from the topic to be useful. Encourage others to be contributors to the draft if you feel comfortable with the idea, otherwise mark the page with {{please-stick-to-the-discussions}} (NOTE: this is only to be used on draft policies, not on any articles).

Once the community has deiced the policy is good, alert a level Level 0 to inform them of this. If they approve, then congratulations your draft policy no longer being a draft; it's a full policy. Now, continue on to Step 3 to finalize the policy, and to make sure it is known around the wiki.

Step 3: Finalizing the Policy

In order to finalize the policy, it should be known around the wiki, and become easily accessible. It can easily be located with shortcuts. Each policy page has a shortcut for easier linking and typing.


Each shortcut is a small word, symbol and/or letter combination template that automatically places a link to the page through redirects. So for example, this page is called Lylat Wiki:Draft Policies. To link to it, you would usually type Lylat Wiki:Draft Policies. But with a shortcut set up, all you need to type is LW:Draft, and it will automatically but the needed text in for you.

Please note, just like each policy page starts with Lylat Wiki: Each shortcut needs to start with LW:.

Shortcut-to-Page Relationship

Shortccuts not only in typing, but in spelling of an page title, as we can have multiple shortcuts all with different ways to "spell" the page's title, and they all point back to the same. The problem with this then, is there could be more than one page with could fit a given shortcut. When you are creating a new one, how do you tell if a specific combination is used?

This is answered at our shortcuts page: Lylat Wiki:Shortcuts. Here, you will find every shortcut that has been registered, by spelling and shortcut group.

Including the Shortcut on the Policy Page

After you've chosen and registered a shortcut, head back to the policy page, and place the following template at the very top of the page, above all other content.

{{ Shortcuts | Policy <additional project page types, if applicable. See bellow.> | <list of shortcuts you have registered> }}

Once placed, saved and you should see wanted templates in the places your shortcuts should be. Now you actually have to create the shortcut.

Creating a shortcut

To do this, copy the title of the policy page to a safe, but temporary place (email you don't intend to send, text file you don't intend to save, etc.) while you are navigating away from the page and using the clipboard.

Once you have the title stored somewhere, click the template link (if there is more than one, you can return to do the others). Copy the title of the template (excluding the Template: namespace, and put it between [[</nowik> and <nowiki>]] on the page itself, and end with the following:


and save the template.

This will generate a link to place documentation under. Please see LW:TS if you wish to learn how.

Once the template has been created, it should showing a red link with your shortcut text. This means the template is ready to be used, the link now needs to be complete. Click the link, and place #REDIRECT [[<title>]] in it, with the title of the policy page in place of <title>. Save that page,

Additional Project Page Types

In addition to be a policy page, a Project Page (i.e. one with the Lylat Wiki: namespace maybe considered one of the following. Please only list it one of these types, if the community agrees.

Documentation demonstrates on how to use something on Lylat Wiki. This includes templates like Infoboxes, Style and Content Guides, and Help Pages.
Does the page help the user get around the wiki?

Current Policies needing comments

The following list is not ranked in according to any rubric. Any of them can be discussed about at any time, and there is no more need to get one approve than the others.