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Lylat Wiki:Starting a Community Page Discussion

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So, you've decided to start a community page - congratulations! We hope you are successful in the creating a page, and hope that the page will contribute a lot to the wiki. Thank you for putting in the effort. But before you do so, you need to discuss somethings

Rules of the Community Page

  1. Before Launching the page, establish some ground rules of the page should work. Include
  2. Ask lots of questions:
    • Which templates will you borrow?
    • Will you focus on fandom, or Canon?
    • are you creating a page to service Character shipping or Game Walkthroughs?
    • is it patrolling edits? neaten images? regulating categories?
  3. What WikiProject Teams Will Help you out? Each WikiProject team can help out on multiple Community pages, and the community pages can have multiple teams helping out, but it is recommended that you keep it to no more than 3.