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Lylat Wiki:Discussion Policy

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General Pepper.png

General Pepper:

Peppy, When you have a chance, please look at this policy. I would like your opinion on it.

Peppy Hare:

Right, I will place my feedback on the talk page.
Peppy Hare.png
This draft policy is recommend by a member in accordance with LW:Draft. You are free to make small changes, as long as the original purpose of the policy is preserved. Any feedback should be provided on the talk page.
Note:For how to edit an Discussion Page, please see Help:Talk Pages

Certain things belong on a discussion page that you find linked at the top of the page. Meanwhile certain things go on to the discussion page of the Action itself. How do you determine what situation goes into what case when a new discussion pops up?

Well, this is a spectrum designed to help decipher where such a discussion could go?

It goes.... If It....
on Related Page's Discussion Page
  • Doesn't Affect the Wiki as a Whole
  • Is about:
    • the content of the article;
    • membership of a category,
    • planing or usage of a template or file,
on the Action's Related Discussion Page. will make discussions hard to reach, such as in a Deletion or Move Action of a file, article, template or category.
to LW:Corneria Impacts the wiki as a whole

Archiving a Discussion

One a discussion has been considered "done", and becomes "relatively old" (which varies from topic to topic) one of two things may happen.

  1. It's moved manually or automatically into an archive.
  2. The page itself is marked as an archive (which may involve renaming), if there are enough archive-ready

When archiving a discussion, please follow Help:Archiving on how to archive a discussion and use {{Archived Discussion}} to mark a page of archives, if it hasn't already been so.