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General Pepper:

Peppy, When you have a chance, please look at this policy. I would like your opinion on it.

Peppy Hare:

Right, I will place my feedback on the talk page.
Peppy Hare.png
This draft policy is recommend by a member in accordance with LW:Draft. You are free to make small changes, as long as the original purpose of the policy is preserved. Any feedback should be provided on the talk page.

These are topics that the administration reverses the right to make policy for. They are often related to legal matters, server issues, and other topics that are handed down from an outside organization. Our Policies on them will be as well defined as possible, and any other topic that is not on this list has been left up to the community to decide.

Legal matters

Lylat Wiki is hosted in the United States, which means all of our content is under their legal jurisdiction. For this, the following rules apply:

All content must be sourced
See citation policy for citing sources.
Unless a member is truly the author of an image, none of the content is owned by the wiki.
Do not copy from other wikis

Server issues

The following are mainly related to storage on the servers, file count, loading times, and other related web site stats.

If possible,
An image shall be in a png file format with a lowercase extension
Music shall be in ogg file format with a lowercase extension
Videos are outsourced to YouTube and other video sharing sites.

(Note that other formats of images/music are allowed. png and ogg are simply preferred.)

Everything Else

WikiProjects needs administrators approval on certain actions.
Launching a new wiki-project, dissolving an inactive or old wiki-project, merging two projects into one and spiting one project into two needs one administrator's approval.
With the exceptions above, every other policy can be circumvented and then reversed.
Any contributor can make any action that they believe will enhance the wiki, even if it violates a policy, so long:
  1. as it doesn't violate one of the topics listed on this page
  2. it isn't done with malicious intent
Just the same, any edit can be reversed by an admin or re-edited by another user.

(It is also recommended that you contact a wiki project before you make certain contributions, but this is not required.)