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Peppy, When you have a chance, please look at this policy. I would like your opinion on it.

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This draft policy is recommend by a member in accordance with LW:Draft. You are free to make small changes, as long as the original purpose of the policy is preserved. Any feedback should be provided on the talk page.
Five steps to making a featured article
Stage 5: Becoming a featured article
Stage 4: Becoming a good article
Stage 3: Becoming a decent article
Stage 2: Becoming a stub article
Stage 1: Becoming a new article

Stub's are articles just getting off the Ground. They have very little details, and very little references to back up those details.

As an editor, you can take the following actions to help expand the article. Once it is consided a stub-level article, Please follow Decent Article & Quality Standards to help it along.

Remember this is not a governance of each contribution. If you want to contribute information, in complete disregards to this guide, then do so. We would rather have you contribute and break a rule, and then not contribute at all.

Discussion Page(s)

First before adding anything, it is recommended that visit the page's respective discussion page. There you should find any other ideas people have about the page, and links to any wikiproject that has claims over it. Going to the wikiproject page, you will see a list of recommended stuff to put in a article that falls under there jurisdiction. Take what article you are interested in, and compare it to the recommended lists. If the article is missing anything from any of the lists, please copy missing information over.


How should the article be organized? what sections should be expected on a Game Page, Regardless of Which Game We are talking about?


What template(s) should every Character Page have? our how about a Vehicle Page? Item? Stage?

At a minim, make sure the template has the following:

  • Any related navigation templates
  • A related Infobox.
  • Area-based stub template, replacing {{stub}} if found.


Once you have all the recommended information, now dive-in and add some content. Often, what content appears on a page will depend on what page you are looking at, but here are some areas we expect you to find on every page. These are some of the Area's we recommend like you to Expand First.

Give information on the subject you would want to first see when you get into the Article. Include his/her/it/their titles, names, release dates, membership, etc. Whatever fits on the page.
Historical Info
This breaks down into two areas:
  1. told in-universe - How did the Characters get to where they are today?.
  2. told out-of-universe - How did the Creator of the Character come up with him/her/it?
What quotes do you remember happening that relate to the subject matter?
What quotes help us to better understand what you are writing about?
Without going into too much detail or giving too much away, what happen during the game that impacted the rest of the star fox universe?
What Silly tidbits can be thrown in to help flesh out the article, but don't fall under another section?
External Links
Know of any locations where interested visitors can find out more about the subject?

Keep in mind, Articles need to be designed to be easily accessible and findable.


Just because it's placed on a wiki, doesn't make it true. Sometime you will make sure you can provide outside proof of something you included. How? with citations.

In edit mode, right after the text you wish to verify, place <ref name="name">reference text</ref>, giving your reference a name, and repacing reference text with the text your supplemental information

Then at the bottom, before the templates and categories, place the following, if it isn't already there.

== References ==
<references />

afterwords, save and go to the text you just tried to verify. Right after the text, should be a [Superscript Number] that links to the reference information you gave, now move to the bottom of the page.

How do you know if something needs citing

The following are general rules of thumb to know when something needs to be cited.

  1. When you had to look it up to verify it.
  2. When you think it's unlikely to be common knowledge.
  3. When you are quoting directly from a source.

for more on citing, please see: Help:Citing Sources and Lylat Wiki:Citation Policy.

To Become a Stub Article

To be considered a stub-level article, an article needs to first of it needs to off met the start-level requirements first.

Then it needs to be check for the following:

  • does it have the minimum sections & templates, as specified above and according to the wiki project?
  • does it contain at least one outside reference?

Once you have a start-level article ready to be reviewed, seek out a stub-level reviewer and ask them to review the page. If it passes, replace the article's -start-level template with a -stub-level one to show the article's promotion.


We thank the contributors of the following pages as they were a big help in creating the topics covered here.