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Lylat Wiki:5 steps to become a featured article

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Five steps to making a featured article
Stage 5: Becoming a featured article
Stage 4: Becoming a good article
Stage 3: Becoming a decent article
Stage 2: Becoming a stub article
Stage 1: Becoming a new article
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This draft policy is recommend by a member in accordance with LW:Draft. You are free to make small changes, as long as the original purpose of the policy is preserved. Any feedback should be provided on the talk page.

How does an article get started? How does it become a "Featured Article"? and what are the steps in between?

Well, at Lylat Wiki, we use a 5 Step Program, were something is one level until it meets the standards of the next level. Once it meets that standard, it is no longer

Stage 1:To Become A New Article

To become a new article, the article simply has to be created. From that point on, it is referred to as a start-level article.

Stage 2:To Become A Stub Article

Once an article has been created, it needs to be expanded upon. What Sections and Templates should be added? What content could be included? and Can it all be verified?

Once done, it is considered a stub-level article.

Stage 3:To Become A Decent Article

As the article continues to expand, the standards it needs to follow become higher and harder.

Before an article can be considered decent, all imported content needs to be reviewed in order to ensure it doesn't need to be reviewed for good- or even featured-level status.

In addition, it becomes tested in the following areas:

  1. Language
    1. Sections
    2. Templates
  2. Verification
    1. How do i know when i should use what type?
  3. Satisfying Polcy & Guidelines
  4. Style and Content Guide
    1. Textual Information
      1. Tables
      2. Lists
    2. Files
      1. Images
      2. Music & Videos
    3. Categories
  5. Other

Stage 4:To Become A Good Article

Once an article is decent-level, it's time to check it's own content. Not content imported through templates or files, and not about the tables, lists or titles. The content itself.

The content is evaluated under standards for Language, Verification, policy, style and content, linking to and from other articles, other.

Once evaluated, it can be considered one of the best articles on the wiki. But is it the best?

Stage 5:To Become A Featured Article

Is the article the best of the wiki, one where the wiki-tan would be proud to promote.

Only the community can decide. Before going before the community, and article needs to achived good-level status.

See LW:FA for more info.