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How to become a Featured Article

Featured Article Voting Policy

This page is for the nomination of and voting for featured articles.

  1. Any user may nominate or vote on articles
  2. All nominations/votes must be signed with four tildes (~~~~) or they will be negated
  3. All arguments must be relevant to the article's status. (Example: "This character is lame. I oppose this" is an invalid argument.)
  4. Attempting to vote more than once results in a warning. Persistence will result in disciplinary action.
  5. There may be no more than ten articles nominated at any time
  6. Each user may use one supporting vote per month, but an unlimited number of opposition votes may be used
  7. If an article has a majority of support for at least three months, it will become featured
  8. If an article fails to meet a majority of support, it will fail to become featured
  9. Staff members may negate any votes which they feel are against policy

How to mark as a Featured Article

Once approved, please mark the article with the template {{Featured}}.

Featured Level Templates

Template:Featured Level Templates

Current Articles you can vote on

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