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3D Venom.png
Venom from Star Fox 64 3D
Stage type Planet
Games Star Fox, Star Fox 64 (3D), Star Fox Command
No music provided
Star Fox 64 info
Bronze Medal 120 (Venom I) - 120 (Venom II)
Stage/Silver Medal 150 (Venom I) - 200 (Venom II and Stage)
Gold Medal 180 (Venom I) - 220 (Venom II)
Vehicle Arwing
Navigation info
<-- Bolse Defense Outpost Main Route(s) Last One
<-- Area 6 Hidden Route(s)
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Venom is the first distant planet in the Lylat System, and the farthest from Corneria. It is an uninhabitable world of death and destruction, and acts as a home for many villains in the Star Fox series, including Andross, Leon Powalski, the Venomian Army, and the Anglar race.


A harsh world on the periphery of the system, Venom is a cruel planet anathema to life. The atmosphere is practically unbreathable, being filled with smog and filtering the light from Lylat and Solar, making the planet dark and grimy even in the daytime. The surface is barren and broken by rough cliffs and chasms, while a vast green, acidic ocean kills off any attempt at life.


Before the Lylat Wars, Venom was largely unexplored. Andross was exiled to this location by General Pepper, as it was originally believed that no character could survive on the planet's toxic surface. However, Andross managed to influence the primitive inhabitants into becoming his own army, therefore launching a massive invasion on the Lylat System during the events of Star Fox 64. The Star Fox eventually thwarted Andross's plot, and lead the counter-charge that defeated him at the end of the war.

Later, in Star Fox: Assault, Andrew Oikonny inherited the Venomian army from Andross. However, Venom does not appear in the game itself.

Venom appears in Star Fox Command and has a neutralized sea. The Star Fox team find the antagonistic Anglar race dwelling in this area. Venom was also referenced as the quarantine planet do to past events.


As opposed to how other levels in Star Fox 64 and its remake only have minor changes when segueing from the previous level, Venom is entirely different depending on whether visiting after Bolse or Area 6. The routes have conjectural titles of "easy route" and "hard route".

Easy route

The first and somewhat simpler one, is after Star Fox causes Bolse to go into meltdown and head in the direction of Venom, following this the team immediately approaches the planet surface from the 'right' side it seems. It is basically another ordinary level, as the team fly across the desolate, lifeless geography of Venom. But just seconds after the faction arrive, they are all ambushed by an onslaught of enemies. They end up fighting more and more enemies constantly as they got closer and closer to Andross.

Eventually, after their share of rising stalagmites (courtesy of Andross) and flying columns, the team arrives at a very ominous stone temple with a long hallway. Fleeting into the pathway, the 2nd to last battle begins as Fox battles Golemech, an enormous stone golem. It seems as Golemech is trying to get away from his fate as he springs his own traps, pillars which come out of the walls and proves to be a nuisance to Fox. After wearing the monster down, he turns out to be nothing more than a machine. As soon as he is defeated, Fox reaches the end of the seemingly endless hallway and is met with a stretch of field with an entrance to the interior of the planet.

"I'll go it alone from here" says Fox as he ignores his team's cries, and flies straight into the tunnel. The tunnel here is just a straight stretch, barely wide enough for an Arwing, but Fox makes it well. There are many laser beams and hatches in the structure which Andross conveniently opens for Fox. Doing a loop here would be suicide of course. After enough anxiety, Fox throttles into the core of the planet, meeting what he has flown millions of miles for, as through the midst of the sinister green fog comes Andross at last, ready to get rid of the Fox who has caused many setbacks in his plot with his own hands. An intense battle ensues as the Arwing holds it's own as it is smashed with meteors, slapped and regurgitated. Fox manages to destroy both of Andross' hands and attacks the next weak point, his eyes. Once he does enough damage, the head then explodes to reveal a mechanical skull with a very frightening cackle, managing to fly straight into the Arwing a couple of times, but the skull was no match for a couple of Smart Bombs. The machine plunges into the fog, exploding in an immense blast, bigger than any before in the journey, and unfortunately making the situation a lot more ugly for our hero.

Fox, remembering what Peppy Hare told him in Meteo, follows his instincts with fox like reflexes and decides to maneuver his tail out of the core and turns up his G-Diffuser up to maximum drive, as the blast expands. He gets very close to his death as the wall of fire gradually engulfs the Arwing... the deafening sound of the engines increase in volume as he bolts through the passage. Fox, with a hefty dose of adrenaline surging his veins and his own life flashing before his eyes barely makes it as he reaches the surface and soars up into the hazy atmosphere to rendezvous with his companions, as the dome erupts instantaneously.

After the intermission, Great Fox and co. head back home to Corneria after a long tiring journey, during this the credits show. Upon reaching their home planet they are then rewarded by General Pepper and offered a meaty rank in the Cornerian Army, but of course, Fox being the brash rebel he is, turns Pepper down and leaves and the final scene comes up as it shows the quartet chasing after the Great Fox on what seems to be the surface of... Venom. Slippy slowly falls behind, but they get there eventually and it shows the Great Fox and our memorable pals flying into the sunset, the proud music ends as maniacal laughter sounds when an image of Andross appears across the sun... undoubtedly meaning that Andross still stalks the system.

Hard route

After penetrating the last line of defense in the space defense zone Area 6, Star Fox arrived on Venom, at the very doorstep of Andross' subterranean lair. Before Fox was able to charge into the planet, the whole team was immediately confronted by the Star Wolf, in a last ditch effort to prevent Fox from entering the planet.

But unlike the other battles, Star Wolf were flaunting their brand-new, state-of-the-art Wolfen II starfighters with their money from Andross. The sheer power of Wolfen II made the Arwing look obsolete. After a lengthy and brutal battle, the good guy's prevailing piloting skills and valuable teamwork win the day, and Fox McCloud was able to plunge deep into the heart of the planet at last to confront Andross.

The shaft leading into the planet is similar to the Easy Route path, except the channel here is less linear and ends up branching out into multiple paths, along which some have certain power ups which were essential for survival after the engagement with Star Wolf. The shaft here also has more girth. Andross talks to Fox through the comlink, telling Fox how vain his efforts are and that he will feel true pain. Eventually at the end of the corridor Fox emerges into the foggy core of the planet once again, the first part is the same as the Easy route battle.

As soon as the finishing blow strikes Andross, he wallows in pain as the background turns black and when he explodes. Only then Fox discovers his true and final form, which can be summed up as Andross announces "Only I have the brains to rule Lylat".

The ultimate clash begins as Fox enters all-range mode. The lining of the planet core can be seen here. Andross starts off by launching his eyes at Fox, and end up seeking him and firing lasers. Fox had some trouble hunting them down, but he made it eventually. After that he headed for Andross to finish it all. The brain's outer core seemed to be impervious to Lasers, as Fox quickly found out. But as with every other boss of the game, there was a weak spot. And Andross had one too. Fox targeted the cerebellum at the back of his brain, but this proved to be an arduous task as the malicious brain teleported right behind Fox and surprised him. The maniacal scientist had only a few ways to attack, including swallowing the Arwing in a writhing mass of tentacles or by leaving behind rocky debris in his wake. He could also smash into Fox as well, doing major damage.

With some genius tactics, Fox maneuvered his way to firing upon on the weak spot and Andross was finished. In his dying breath, Andross shouted "If I go down, I'm taking you with me!", causing an immense cataclysm swallowing up Fox as everything faded to white.

"Don't ever give up my son", spoke a mysterious voice, confirmed by Fox's surprised response, "Father?!" Fox was lucky enough to have survived the initial blast but the self-destruction of Andross' base had begun. The scenario is basically the same as the other route. The last stretch of the mission begins as Fox and his father James McCloud can be seen sprinting back to the entrance shaft like never before, as the chain reaction expands outward. Fox once again put his G-Diffuser up to max thrust to keep up with his father as he guided him through the labyrinth of tunnels, a fiery death awaits him if he happens to take the wrong turn. As the fire trails right behind Fox's Arwing, James mentions to him several things including "Never give up. Trust your instincts" and "This way, Fox". As the two make it to the exit of the shaft, Fox's father, showing undeniable pride toward his son, tells Fox "You've become so strong, Fox."

They both escape out of the domed entrance as the explosion follows quickly after Fox. James' Arwing quickly disappears into the unknown as Fox races back to Great Fox and his friends. As his team proudly congratulate their leader, he is saddened that his father was gone again. The game ending is quite the same as the other route, except the gamer can relax knowing he had exterminated a great evil from the Lylat system and ensured an age of peace which should last at least a while. Instead of showing Andross laugh, it shows a "The End".

In the Super Smash Bros. series

Venom has an article on SmashWiki.

Venom is one of the two Star Fox-themed stages in Super Smash Bros. Melee, the other being Corneria. It also appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The fight takes place at the front of the Great Fox, as opposed to on the side for the Corneria stage. Venom is shown to be set in volcanic scenery, although this does not serve as a stage hazard. Occasionally, an Arwing or Wolfen appears and shoots at the fighters, or from Falco and Fox using their taunt. The lasers cause high damage and knockback. There is a part where the Great Fox flies into a cave, whose walls may save fighters from being KO'd.

Fighters can fight each other from either four wings of the ship, and somewhat from the tailpiece in the center. Fighters can only get across the tailpiece by performing a double jump. The top two wings of the ship slope inwards while the bottom two wings slope outwards. Items tend to roll or slowly slide off the bottom ones.

Falco and Fox are fought in this stage during All-Star Mode. The stage is featured in event 23 ("Slippy's Invention") and during Falco's fight in event 49 ("All-Star Match Deluxe"),


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ベノム
Traditional Chinese 行星維諾
Simplified Chinese 行星维诺
Dutch Venom -
French Venom -
German Venom -
Italian Venom -
Korean 베눔 행성
benum haengseong
Planet Venom
Russian Веном
Spanish Venom -


  • In Star Fox, Venom was a black and gray planet. In Star Fox 64, it appears green with a mahogany surface.
  • In Star Fox 2 Venom is green and grassy, and there are trees and mountains in the background. You can even see a mushroom growing in the immediate area. This may indicate that the planet has been terraformed.

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