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Papetoon is a small brown planet in the Lylat System and the birthplace of Fox McCloud. It is mainly featured in the Star Fox comic.


Papetoon is brown and small. In fact, it is so small, it might even be a moon. It is generally close to Solar and to Lylat. It has some small towns and cities. It has at least a quarter of Corneria's cities. It has some trees, but is mostly dry and rocky. It has a spaceport to transport goods, and travellers.

The planet's desert setting and namesake is likely a reference or parody of planet Tatooine of the Star Wars franchise.


The planet had served as a colony to the Cornerians. The famous James McCloud, leader of the Star Fox team, had a son named Fox McCloud on the planet. When Fox became leader of Star Fox, the team dwelt on the planet, dealing with criminal activity. The team eventually left. During the Lylat Wars, Andross chose to ignore it, so it wasn't invaded. The same thing happened during the Aparoid Invasion, and the Anglar Blitz. When Fox heard about Krystal joining Star Wolf after the Anglar Emperors death, Fox and Falco landed on the planet, where Fox drowned out his grief. They would both leave when Falco convinced Fox to become G-Zero racers.