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Lylat System

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The Lylat System in the original game
The Lylat System in Star Fox 64.
This article is about the main star system of the Star Fox series. For the star and namesake of the Lylat System, see Lylat (star).

The Lylat System is a star system in which all Star Fox games so far have taken place in. It is located in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy[You need to reference that, Fox] and consists of the blue giant Lylat. The most habitable planet in the system is Corneria, the fourth planet from Lylat. The inhabitants of Corneria have since expanded and colonized most of the system, establishing industrial zones and military bases on several of the less-habitable planets.


The Lylat System is comprised of numerous planets, sectors, an asteroid belt, and even a minor black hole, all which orbit around a large middle-aged star, as well as a smaller red dwarf (although some believe it to be another planet). Many of the planets are apparently capable of supporting life.


The Lylat System is named after its main sun, Lylat. The Lylat System is formed out of two stars: Lylat and Solar. Solar is apparently a red dwarf, and so, by default, does not act as the system's main sun. There is a controversy as to whether Solar really is a star, or just another planet with star-like attributes.


The Lylat System includes the following planets, in alphabetic order:


The Lylat System is composed of sectors containing colorful space debris which give them very nebula-like appearances. Oddly enough, all following three sectors are each shaped like the last three letters in the alphabet, thus giving them the following names:

Other locations

The Lylat System features an asteroid belt called the Meteo, somewhat located between Corneria, Fortuna, and Fichina. In the first game, the Lylat System featured a mysterious anomaly dubbed as the Black Hole. Unlike a real black hole, this anomaly is too small, and yet has a very powerful force of gravity capable of pulling in any nearby objects. It believed the Black Hole is actually a portal to another dimension - a warp zone - compiled of a network of wormholes. The Lylat System is also composed of several, artificial space stations.


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