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Stage: Sauria
Sauria Adventures.png
Sauria as seen in Star Fox Adventures.
Name Sauria
Stage Type Planet
Games Star Fox Adventures, Star Fox: Assault
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Star Fox: Assault Info
Bronze Medal 350
Silver Medal 1000
Gold Medal 2300
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Sauria also known as Dinosaur Planet is a planet in the Lylat System which is home to a great variety of animals.


Sauria is rich in diversity, and has areas ranging from molten magma to tropical forests. The planet has a number of unique features, including an abnormally large tropical belt, as most accessible areas (excluding the similarly unique, themed areas) is a jungle.

Even more interesting is the rapid transition from tropical to arctic zones. As each location contains its own ecosystem it is unlikely that the unusual climate is a direct result of the Saurian Crisis.

Another geographical anomaly is the presence of an entirely alien landmass on the planet surface, complete with a non-saurian ecology. This was caused by the collision of Sauria's former moon with the planet.


Sauria is also known as Dinosaur Planet, which sums up the planet's native biosphere. Closely reminiscent of Earth's Age of Reptiles, there are a large number of variably sentient reptilian species which are identical to Earth's dinosaurs. This similarity ends with the inclusion of entirely fictional species, such as the Galdon or Drakor, both serving as bosses in Star Fox Adventures. A number of species apparently unrelated to any of Sauria's native ecology inhabit the eerie Moon Mountain Pass region.

Native Culture, Technology and Civilization

While many of the Saurian species are feral or little more than talking dinosaurs (such as the timid Thorntail tribe who uphold no pretense of culture besides a tribal moniker), some maintain genuine, distinct cultures which are distinguished by the species of its members. Examples include the Earthwalker tribe, which is made up exclusively of Triceratops, and the Cloudrunners, who are Pterodactyl. All tribes show a measure of technological understanding as most wear some form of clothing, ranging from simple collars to tunics and hats, and in the case of the Lightfoot and Sharpclaw tribes, make their own weapons and dwellings from local resources.

As the Earthwalkers and Cloudrunners lack the advantage of opposable thumbs it is unclear if they manufacture items themselves or hire the services of other, more capable species.

Additionally, the planet is littered with the remains of the Krazoan civilization. While apparently no longer present on Sauria or extinct, the main temple complex often visited throughout Star Fox Adventures is very much active and is the resting place of the Krazoa spirits, who helped Fox McCloud in his quest to solve the Saurian Crisis. Other, more decrepit ruins are also present across the planet. While the Krazoa themselves no longer live in them, many have become home to Saurians.

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