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Dinosaur Planet SFA world map.png
A view of Sauria (then named Dinosaur Planet) from outer space.
Stage type Planet
Games Star Fox Adventures
Star Fox: Assault
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Star Fox: Assault info
Bronze Medal 350
Silver Medal 1000
Gold Medal 2300
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Sauria, originally named Dinosaur Planet, is a large planet of the Lylat System whose inhabitants consist of multiple tribes of dinosaur denizens. The climate is as varied as that of Corneria, with lush green forests, volcanoes, and snowy mountains.


Sauria has a diverse amount of landscapes, ranging from molten magma, to beaches, tropical forests, and arctic tundras. The planet has a number of unique features, including an abnormally large tropical belt, as most accessible areas (excluding the similarly unique, themed areas) is a jungle. Each location has its own ecosystem, and some locations are diverse even within close proximity, such a transition from tropical to a snowy tundra. The ruling tribes are the EarthWalkers and the CloudRunners, who are rivals to each other.

Dinosaur Planet sums up the planet's native biosphere. Closely reminiscent of Earth's Age of Reptiles, there are a large number of variably sentient reptilian species which are identical to Earth's dinosaurs. There are some entirely fictional species, such as the bosses Galdon or Drakor. A number of inhabitants unrelated to the native ecology live in the eerie Moon Mountain Pass region.

The inhabitants speak their own language, known as Dino Talk. Many of the species are based on real world dinosaurs, such as the EarthWalker Tribe which consists of Triceratops. Others maintain genuine, distinct cultures which are distinguished by the species of its members. An example is the LightFoot and SharpClaw Tribes, who are capable of developing their own weapons and dwellings from local resources. The Saurian inhabitants usually wear some form of clothing, ranging from simple collars to tunics and hats.

Thousands of years ago, Sauria was created by the ancient Krazoan civilization, who held the planet's surface together with the SpellStones. After this era passed, the Krazoa Spirits were each contained in a sacred location, known as Force Point Temples. These characters helped Fox (and Krystal at the start of the game) to stop the main antagonist, General Scales, from conquering Dinosaur Planet.



Star Fox Adventures

In Star Fox Adventures, General Scales and his army of SharpClaw attempted to conquer the planet, by removing the SpellStones that held the planet together. General Pepper assigns Fox on a mission to save it, noting that the planet's destruction could affect the entire Lylat System. At first, Fox had to retrieve the SpellStones, which are located in the four areas floating in space. After recovering the stones and returning them to the two Force Point Temples, Fox's main mission was to collect all Krazoa Spirits.

Star Fox: Assault

In Star Fox: Assault, Dinosaur Planet was renamed to Sauria, and was under attack from the Aparoids. Some of the inhabitants tried to fight back with a number of them paying the ultimate price for their efforts. Luckily, Star Fox managed to destroy the Aparoid Hatcheries and repel the Aparoid invasion of the planet. It could be speculated that most of the native population had escaped into the forests to avoid harm, but the local resistance forces suffered terrible casualties. In addition, there were immeasurable amounts of lost history due to many of the ruins across the planet being destroyed during the battles. The destruction level was an A and the Aparoids were expunged.


A complete map in Star Fox Adventures
  • Cape Claw - This tropical cape is home to a HighTop and refuge to the Queen CloudRunner. It is also the entrance to the Ocean Force Point Temple. This slice of paradise has lovely sandy beaches, many leafy palm trees, and beautiful water falls. Here Fox can search for bars of gold to give to the forgetful Hightop, return a SpellStone, upgrade his staff, and rescue the Queen CloudRunner.
  • LightFoot Village - This mist-shrouded marsh is home to the mysterious LightFoot Tribe. A great wall surrounded by a forest hides the village from plain sight, as well as the krazoa shrine that lies within. Here, Fox competes against MuscleFoot in the Test of Strength, saves LightFoot babies, and passes a Tracking Test.
  • CloudRunner Fortress - A great palace broken off from the main planet, and home to some of the CloudRunner Tribe. It is turquoise, surrounded by cliffs, and in ruins from attacks by General Scales. He entered here to steal the riches hidden in the CloudRunner treasure room. It is also the location of the second SpellStone. Here Fox rescues the Queen CloudRunner and her children, escapes from a prison, retrieves a SpellStone, and goes on a treasure hunt for power crystals.
  • DarkIce Mines - Here the SharpClaw have enslaved the SnowHorns. Here, Fox saves Belinda Te, the daughter of Garunda Te, retrieves a SpellStone, and frees the enslaved SnowHorns. This is also the battle ground for the monster Galdon.
  • Moon Mountain Pass - This is a strange and ghostly valley that formed when Sauria's second moon crashed into the surface, bringing alien life and the SharpClaw to Dinosaur Planet. It is the location of the Volcano Force Point Temple, a staff Upgrade, a Krazoa Shrine, and the discovery of Krystal and the Krazoa Spirits. It is filled with blue, porous rock, large pinkish plants, and plantlike creatures.
  • Volcano Force Point Temple - Filled with the burning ashes of the great ruins. Here, Fox places the two SpellStones of Fire. It is home to a staff upgrade, and lots and lots of fire. It is surrounded by lava, red crystals, and flaming bat-like creatures.
  • Dragon Rock - This is the location of the final SpellStone, the Drakor, and one of Scales's Bases. It is a mutated land of mahogany and crimson, filled with strange creatures. The CloudRunner who assisted Krystal is trapped here along with an EarthWalker and HighTop.
  • Walled City - Home to most of the EarthWalker Tribe, it is surrounded by steep cliffs, shimmers with a sparkling river, and is the temporary territory of the fearsome RedEye. Here, there are towering pyramids, temples to the sun and the moon, the Great King of The EarthWalkers, a Krazoa Shrine, a staff upgrade, a RedEye boss fight, and the third SpellStone. It is here that Fox leaves Tricky at the end of the game. This city was a very dangerous place when the RedEye dominated it.
  • Krazoa Palace - The home to the Krazoa and two Krazoa Shrines. It is also the base of the reconstructed Andross.