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FireFly Lantern

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The FireFly Lantern.
"If you find yourself in dark caves, open the Lantern to release FireFly, and your path will become clear. Don't forget that the Lantern is useless without FireFlies inside it!"
— In-game description

FireFly Lantern is an item in Star Fox Adventures. It is used to store FireFlies, which light dark places for Fox. The Lantern can be bought in ThornTail Store for 20 Scarabs and is required to help the sick Queen EarthWalker by bringing her the six White Grubtub Fungi from the Ancient Well in ThornTail Hollow. FireFly Lantern's maximum capacity is 31 FireFlies.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 光虫ランタン
Pikachū rantan
Light Insect Lantern
French Lanterne á Lucioles
Spanish Farol de Luciérnagas