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LightFoot Tribe

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LightFoot Tribe
LightFoot Tribe.jpg
The LightFoot Tribe from Star Fox Adventures.
Game(s) Star Fox Adventures
Location(s) LightFoot Village
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The LightFoot Tribe is a secretive and reclusive tribe of dinosaurs that live in the LightFoot Village in Star Fox Adventures.

The LightFoots seldom interact with other tribes, preferring to keep to themselves. They've built a large stone fort and gate with an intricate lock around their portion of the swamp to keep themselves separated from the rest of the world. However they do not appreciate crimes against them if and when they did venture out into the outside world; perpetrators of such crimes are captured and taken to the vast sacrificial mound in the center of the LightFoot Village where they would be tortured to death by being stabbed repeatedly by a circle of guards with spears.


The LightFoot Tribe appear visually nonthreatening, being a smallish bipedal dinosaur with an angular head. They appear to be based on the Ornitholestes, meaning "bird robber", except the Chief who has a frill on his head, making him resemble the Jurassic Park version of Dilophosaurus. LightFoots have thin and wiry limbs and a mottled light tan skin.


The LightFoots have a similar culture to Native Americans. They have a feather on their head, and the Chief LightFoot wears a Native American chief's headdress. The LightFoots are naturally suspicious of the other dinosaur tribes, including their technical rulers, the EarthWalkers. This suspicion turned them into a war capable tribe, who were prepared to fight any who attacked them. Though this tendency did not extend to the SharpClaw Tribe who they tended to run from.

They are also seen to be more savage than other tribes, as most carry spears and are even willing to use their own young as bait. They also can get abusive towards others and some of the larger LightFoots punch their own tribe members as a show of strength. LightFoots are ruled by a chief and have strict laws which they also enforce onto others not from their own tribe, such as taking tests just to be accepted and also severe punishment for crimes such as stealing.


During the attack on Dinosaur Planet, the planet was falling apart piece by piece. But the LightFoots seemed mostly unaware of this fact; going about their business as normal.

One of the LightFoots traveled to Cape Claw where he either found or stole a Fire Gem. He was soon accosted however, by a group of SharpClaw, who accused him of stealing their treasure. He was rescued however by Fox McCloud who fought off the SharpClaws and saved him. Despite this, the LightFoot accused Fox of being a SharpClaw ally. Fox was taken aback, pointing out that he had saved him, but the LightFoot claimed that he trusted no one and that the SharpClaws where "stinking liars". However at that moment, a cannon fired at the two, and the LightFoot tossed the Fire Gem at Fox and ran away. However he told the Chief LightFoot that Fox had stolen the treasure. Thus the angered Chief decided to punish Fox. As Fox passed near their village they used one of their young to lower Fox's guard then dropped on him out of trees. They intended to torture him to death by their usual sacrificial ways. But Fox teamed up with a grateful CloudRunner whose tribe he'd just saved and was able to escape.

The Chief LightFoot was impressed with Fox, and offered to show him the entrance to a Krazoa Shrine if he could complete two LightFoot tests. The first LightFoot test is a race to beat the fastest time to activate 4 totem poles around the Village. Followed by the second test, the test of strength against the strongest LightFoot in the village; MuscleFoot. When Fox passes both of the tests, The Chief LightFoot names him an honorary member of the tribe and allowed him to enter the chamber under their village, where the Krazoa Shrine lies hidden.