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SnowHorn Wastes

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SnowHorn Wastes
SnowHorn Wastes screenshot.png
Fox in an area of SnowHorn Wastes.
Game(s) Star Fox Adventures
Inhabitant(s) SnowHorn Tribe
Planet Sauria
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The SnowHorn Wastes is a frozen tundra that appears in Star Fox Adventures. It is the home to the SnowHorn Tribe and the DarkIce Mines GateKeeper, Garunda Te. Fox also meets his sidekick, Tricky here, after falling into an ice pool after racing two SharpClaws on a SharpClaw Speeder.

The SnowHorn Wastes has a cold lake covered in ice and snow. Fox McCloud first arrives in SnowHorn Wastes after he races a duo of SharpClaw down the slopes of Ice Mountain. At the end of the pursuit, he less-than-gracefully plummets into the Hot Spring where he gets acquainted with Prince Tricky. Progressing through the Wastes, Fox learns to maintain authoritative balance and patience between himself and the prince in order to return him to his mother, the Queen EarthWalker. Fox must collect Alpine Roots and GrubTub Fungi here, and later pays 25 Scarabs for the BribeClaw to allow him and Tricky to enter a passage back to ThornTail Hollow.

Fox later returns to the SnowHorn Wastes to rescue Garunda Te, who was trapped below the ice by SharpClaws. To do so, Fox must feed him the Frost Weeds to regain his strength. After purchasing the SnowHorn Artifact (which can only be done with a Large Scarab Bag), Fox must return it to the silver-furred SnowHorn to gain access to the fourth Krazoa Spirit.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スノーホーンの谷
Sunōhōn no Tani
Snowhorn Valley
French Toundra SnowHorn Tundra SnowHorn
Spanish Residuos SnowHorn