SnowHorn Wastes

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Location: SnowHorn Wastes
Fox and Tricky in SnowHorn Wastes.
Name SnowHorn Wastes
Native Species SnowHorn
Planet Sauria
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The SnowHorn Wastes is a location present in Star Fox Adventures. It was a home to SnowHorn tribe and their GateKeeper to DarkIce Mines - Garunda Te who imprisoned in the ice cave by SharpClaw. After Fox McCloud saves prince Tricky from SharpClaw Tribe, they will be able to find the way to get to ThornTail Hollow as a short cut. Suddenly Tricky will stick with Fox as long as he not trouble.

The SnowHorn Wastes was the pretty big area and it have cold lake covered in ice and snow. Fox McCloud first arrives in SnowHorn Wastes after he races a duo of SharpClaw down the slopes of Ice Mountain. At the end of the pursuit, he less-than-gracefully plummets into the Hot Spring where he gets acquainted with Prince Tricky. Progressing through the Wastes, Fox learns to maintain authoritative balance and patience between himself and the prince in order to return him to his mother, the Queen EarthWalker. Unearthing Alpine Roots, collecting GrubTubs, and bribing the BribeClaw into allowing them passage to ThornTail Hollow were a few of the challenges looming within SnowHorn Wastes for Fox and Tricky.

Fox returns to the Wastes several times throughout his quest. He hears Garunda Te cries for help by finding the frost weeds for him to get out of ice cave and liberates him, the DarkIce Mines GateKeeper, and returns the SnowHorn Artifact, stolen by the ShopKeeper, to the silver-furred SnowHorn in order to pass his test to gain access to the fourth Krazoa Spirit.