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PukPuk Egg

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A PukPuk Egg

PukPuk Eggs are common health-restoring items that appear throughout Star Fox Adventures. Each egg restores an entire heart of either Krystal or Fox's life, which is double of that of a Dumbledang Pod.

The first PukPuk Eggs are located outside of Krazoa Palace. They are most often found in SharpClaw Crates and sometimes Baskets, but SharpClaws may sometimes drop a PukPuk Egg when defeated.

PukPuk Eggs are also for sale in the blue room of the ThornTail Store. Fox can purchase one PukPuk Egg for six Scarabs or a few, which collectively restore Fox's health entirely. The ShopKeeper sometimes allows a bargain price of four Scarabs for one PukPuk Egg, or ten Scarabs for a few.

According to the description after obtaining the first PukPuk Egg, these items originate from PukPuk Birds, who are bred by SharpClaws for their eggs as snack treats.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エナジーエッグ
Enajī Eggu
Energy Egg
French Oeuf PukPuk Egg PukPuk
Spanish Huevo PukPuk Egg PukPuk