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PukPuk Egg

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A PukPuk Egg

PukPuk Eggs are common health-restoring items that appear throughout Star Fox Adventures. Each egg restores an entire heart of either Krystal or Fox's life, which is double of that of a Dumbledang Pod.

The first PukPuk Eggs are located outside of Krazoa Palace. They are most often found in SharpClaw Crates and sometimes Baskets, but SharpClaws may sometimes drop a PukPuk Egg when defeated.

PukPuk Eggs are also for sale in the blue room of the ThornTail Store. Fox can purchase one PukPuk Egg for six Scarabs or a few, which collectively restore Fox's health entirely. The ShopKeeper sometimes allows a bargain price of four Scarabs for one PukPuk Egg, or ten Scarabs for a few.

According to the description after obtaining the first PukPuk Egg, these items originate from PukPuk Birds, who are bred by SharpClaws for their eggs as snack treats.