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Fire Gem

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The Fire Gem is an item in Star Fox Adventures. Two Fire Gems appear in the game, and are both found in Cape Claw. They are required for entering the Ocean Force Point Temple.


The first Fire Gem is obtained from a LightFoot after he is saved from two SharpClaws. There is another SharpClaw firing from a cannon, who is attempting to blast at Fox. The LightFoot tries to flees, so he quickly tosses his "treasure" to Fox, who tosses it back. The LightFoot throws it back at him and flees. The second Fire Gem is obtained in a chamber from the mouth of a Krazoa head.

After a bit, Fox and Tricky end up in a room with two Krazoa heads. Fox must place a Fire Gem on each one, and have the sun ray shine on each Fire Gem. One of the windows is blocked off by thorns, so Fox must get Tricky up a pillar and order him to use the Flame Command to burn up the thorns.

Fox later gets in trouble with the LightFoot Tribe after they accuse him for stealing their treasure. Chief LightFoot eventually finds out that Fox is innocent.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
French Cristal de Feu Fire Crystal
Spanish Gema de Fuego