Dragon Rock

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Location: Dragon Rock
Fox on Dragon Rock.
Name Dragon Rock
Native Species Unknown
Planet Sauria
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Dragon Rock is a desolate location on the planet Sauria in Star Fox Adventures. It was also one of the pieces of Sauria that had broken off due to the work of General Scales. Scales used the area as a testing ground to create mutant dinosaurs such as Drakor.


Dragon Rock is a barren, desert area. There are many natural towers of stone located in the area. During General Scales's rule, he had a large tower built which housed his experiment, Drakor. This tower was shielded by energy created by six other towers. Scales also built several areas which housed prisons for several rebels including a CloudRunner, a HighTop, and an EarthWalker. Dragon Rock is also a dangerously volcanic area as there are many lava spout in the area.


Next to nothing is known about Dragon Rock, even after General Scales took control. Sometime after Dragon Rock broke off from Sauria, General Scales began using it to create monstrous fusions of dinosaurs. A rebellion was launched at some point, led by the GateKeeper of Dragon Rock, an unnamed ThornTail. Unfortunately, General Scales crushed the rebellion and only the ThornTail GateKeeper escaped. At least three members of the rebellion were imprisoned.

With the help of the ThornTail GateKeeper, Fox McCloud was able to fly his Arwing to Dragon Rock. Fox helped free an imprisoned EarthWalker. With the help of the EarthWalker, Fox defeated the Sentinels around Dragon Rock. The destruction of the Sentinels allowed Fox to free a HighTop, who took Fox to where a CloudRunner was imprisoned. Fox saved the CloudRunner, who revealed himself to be the CloudRunner who saved Krystal on General Scales's airship. The CloudRunner helped Fox take out the spires that shielded the tower in the center of the area and flew him into the tower. There, Fox encountered Drakor, one of General Scales's experiments in mutation. Fox went after Drakor on a floating platform, using Krystal's staff to blast at the flying monstrosity. After a long battle, Fox blasted Drakor into the lava, getting the SpellStone that the creature was guarding. Fox then left Dragon Rock to return the final SpellStone to the Ocean Force Point Temple.


  • When Fox encounters the imprisoned CloudRunner, he knows Krystal's name despite the fact that the game never shows him hearing it.


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