Venus Foxtrap

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Enemy: Venus Foxtrap
Venus Foxtrap.png
The Venus Foxtrap outside of its pod.
Name Venus Foxtrap
Habitat Mazes
Weaknesses Ice Blaster
Premier game Star Fox Adventures
Similar enemies None
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The Venus Foxtrap[1] is an enemy which appears in Star Fox Adventures. These plant-like creatures reside on walls in two different mazes, the Game Well Maze and the one leading from LightFoot Village to Cape Claw. It attacks by quickly shooting its spiky appendage out of its pod if Fox is nearby. They can be hard to locate as the labyrinths are pretty narrow, so walking carefully is generally considered wise. But once one has been located, running by quickly is the most effective way to escape them. Fox can however defeat them with a combination of the Ice Blaster and the Staff.

The name is an obvious reference to the carnivorous plant, Venus Flytrap.


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