CloudRunner Fortress

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Location: CloudRunner Fortress
Fox in the CloudRunner Fortress.
Name CloudRunner Fortress.
Native Species CloudRunner
Planet Sauria
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The CloudRunner Fortress is region on Sauria ruled by the CloudRunner tribe. It was one of the four areas of the planet to be uprooted during General Scales' attack on Sauria.


The fortress is surrounded by a moat. The moat forces prompt anyone who approaches the fortress by foot to compete in a timed race. The buildings are designed to look like blue and white ancient ruins. The fortress features a large courtyard in the center. The Queen CloudRunner's chamber is located just above a treasure room. A dungeon is located in the depths of the fortress, though it is possible that this was built during the SharpClaw takeover. The fortress is powered by a generator which is located next to the courtyard.


Not much is known about the area prior to the events of Star Fox Adventures other than it was ruled by the Queen CloudRunner. Shortly before the arrival of Fox McCloud, General Scales stormed the CloudRunner Fortress. Using it as storehouse for the SharpClaw tribe's riches, Scales began to hide Sauria's SpellStones.

Having been freed from her prison in Cape Claw by Fox McCloud, the Queen CloudRunner led him to the fortress. There, Fox battled SharpClaw forces until he found General Scales interrogating the Queen CloudRunner. Fox revealed himself, but Scales ambushed and imprisoned him. Fox managed to escape with the help of the SharpClaw Disguise sent by Slippy Toad and rescued the queen once more. The queen asked Fox then to help find her lost children, who had been attacked by the SharpClaw. After Fox found the children, the queen opened the pathway to the treasure room. There, Fox once again confronted General Scales, who escaped after giving three of his minions one of the SpellStones. Fox followed the three SharpClaw on a speeder and defeated each one, winning him the SpellStone. Fox then left the CloudRunner Fortress to return to the main part of Sauria.



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