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Bloop Adventures.png
A Bloop
Game(s) Star Fox Adventures
Location Various
Weakness(es) Krystal's Staff
Staff Upgrades
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The Bloop, also known as Flying Creature[1], is a an enemy introduced in Star Fox Adventures. It resembles a flying reptile to fit the dinosaur theme, and it does a malicious laugh whenever it has located Fox. It attacks by scratching Fox with its claws, but is easily defeated as one hit from the Staff will kill it. In the areas where it appears it does usually respawn after a while, making it an effective annoyance.

After Fox has delivered the third SpellStone via the Volcano Force Point Temple, several Bloops are attacking the ThornTails. Fox must rescue six ThornTails by killing the Flying Creatures with the help of his Fire Blaster during a time limit. Once he's finished, the ThornTails will reward him with a Large Scarab Bag.


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