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SharpClaw Tribe

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SharpClaw Tribe
A standard SharpClaw in Star Fox Adventures.
Game(s) Star Fox Adventures
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The SharpClaws are a dinosaur species and the main enemies of Star Fox Adventures. They serve under the leadership of General Scales and assist him in his goal to conquer Dinosaur Planet. They are the most common enemies who can be defeated from ten consecutive hits with Krystal's Staff.


The SharpClaws have a very strong resemblance to the Tyrannosaurus Rex, except for their smaller legs, three fingers, and longer arms. They are affiliated with the vicious RedEye Tribe. SharpClaws come in different colors, either green, blue, or yellow.

SharpClaws wield shields and sharp weapons like maces and axes. They can also attack by swinging their tails and by ramming with their jaws open. Others are quite capable of operating massive cannons and even different types of aircraft. All SharpClaw warriors wear armor for defense and have spikes on top of their helmets.


The SharpClaw is one of the largest, most advanced, and most violent tribes on Sauria. Although their technology is considered outdated by most other worlds, they have overwhelmed the other more primitive tribes. Their technology includes sentry robots armed with lasers, repulsor sleds, computerized artillery cannons, deflector shields, missiles, and finally, a handful of spacecraft. The tribe leader is a self-proclaimed general known only as "Scales", who launches a full-scale campaign against the other tribes.

The SharpClaw originated from the second moon of Sauria, which crashed into the planet and became known as the Moon Mountain Pass. Eventually they left their home and spread all over Sauria.

It is unknown what happened to them when they betrayed Scales but during the Aparoid Invasion on Sauria, Slippy mentioned that they were wiped out. Most likely the survivors withdrew to one of the ancient catacombs or temples and dug in.