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Staff Energy Gem

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Staff Energy Gem
Staff Energy Gem red SF Adventures obtained.png
Fox obtains a red Staff Energy Gem
Games Star Fox Adventures
Usage Restores the Staff Energy Meter
Location(s) Grows on Magic Plants
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Staff Energy Gems are small gems that grow on Magic Plants found throughout Dinosaur Planet in Star Fox Adventures. They are used to restore the Staff Energy Meter, which allows Fox McCloud to use of various Staff Upgrades. Different colored Gems restore a different portion of the Staff Energy Meter. Green Staff Energy Gems are the most common. There are four color types that determine how much of the Staff energy they restore, from least to most: green, red, yellow and blue.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マジックジェム
Majikku Jemu
Magic Gem
French Cristal D'énergie Energy Crystal
Spanish Gema Energética Energy Gem