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Krazoa Palace

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Krazoa Palace
Krazoa Palace Adventures.png
Krystal flying towards the Krazoa Palace.
Game(s) Star Fox Adventures
Inhabitant(s) Krazoa
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Krazoa Palace is the most sacred location of Dinosaur Planet in Star Fox Adventures. It was the residence of the Krazoa Spirits before the EarthWalker Tribe hid them from General Scales.


Scales attacked the Palace in order to capture the Spirits for himself. The EarthWalkers sent by the King EarthWalker defended the place against Scales, but were massacred, as they were outnumbered. It is also the place where Krystal was imprisoned in a life-draining device. It was revealed that Andross was using her body to channel the Krazoa energy from Sauria to resurrect and reincarnate himself. Fox McCloud returned the Krazoa Spirits to the Palace. The Krazoa Palace has many places to release the Krazoa spirits, thus making it so that there is always a new place to explore inside the palace.

Krystal came to the palace to answer a distress signal sent by the EarthWalkers. She explored the inside of the palace until she found the one who sent the distress signal. When she finds him, he sent her into the first Krazoa Shrine to collect the first spirit. When she released this spirit, an unknown entity imprisoned her in a strange device that drained her of her powers. After being tasked by a Krazoa spirit to collect the others, Fox collected the remaining spirits. Unlike Krystal, who had simply flown there, Fox had to use the WarpStone statue to get there. When Fox returned the first Krazoa, he first saw Krystal and instantly fell in love.

The final time Fox came to the palace, he came from the chunk of Sauria that held the Walled City and landed straight on the palace rooftop. He released the fifth spirit, only to have opened another shrine. When he went into that shrine, he faced General Scales himself. The voice of Andross interrupted them and forced Scales to give Fox the final Krazoa Spirit. Fox released the Spirit at the top of the palace. Upon the Spirits return, they were channeled into Krystal's body and their energies were fired into a giant Krazoa head statue. The shock destroyed the device that imprisoned Krystal, who was then saved by Fox. Fox then got into his Arwing and followed Andross into space.

After Andross's defeat, Fox flew his Arwing above the Krazoa Palace to see the SharpClaw army holding General Scales's belt aloft, symbolizing Scales's defeat.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クラゾア宮殿
Kurazoa Kyuuden
Krazoa Palace
French Palais Krazoa Krazoa Palace
Spanish Palacio Krazoa Krazoa Palace