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Dinosaur Horn

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Fox playing the Dinosaur Horn.
"This is the Dinosaur Horn. If you find a Horn Pad on the ground, you can use this horn to call for help."
— In-game description

The Dinosaur Horn is an ancient item found on Dinosaur Planet in Star Fox Adventures. Fox McCloud finds it in a cave in DarkIce Mines, shortly after extending the second bridge by the use of the last three Bridge Cogs. Fox can only use it on Horn Pads, first to call a SnowHorn to help him through the snowstorm in DarkIce Mines shortly after finding the horn, and in the race of the old blue SnowHorn after delivering him the SnowHorn Artifact.

After crossing the second bridge, Fox has to make use of Prince Tricky's Find Command to dig a tunnel to the cave. There Fox has to use Tricky's Flame Command to light a fire in each of the four holes located in a structure in the middle of the room, after shooting a target on the wall. There is a one minute time limit. If the flames are lit in time, the door to the next room opens. If the time limit is exceeded, the already lit flames go out and the whole thing has to be started over. Behind the door, lies the next challenge, the leap of faith, which is told about on a tablet next to the door: "Beyond the leap of faith lies an ancient prize". The leap of faith's idea is, that there is a bottomless pit filling the whole floor of the room, and Fox can only cross it by boldly jumping into the pit. After jumping, a bridge of purplish-pink light appears below Fox, preventing him from falling to the pit. The bridge can then be used to reach the chamber, in which the Dinosaur Horn rests. Fox must again utilize Tricky's Flame Command to melt the ice around the horn, after which it can be collected.