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HighTop Tribe

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HighTop Tribe
Artwork of a HighTop
Game(s) Star Fox Adventures
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The HighTop Tribe are one of the dinosaur tribes who appear in Dinosaur Planet in Star Fox Adventures. They are one of the tallest tribes, aside from the RedEyes. HighTops are named for their long neck and are based on the real world dinosaur, Apatosaurus.

According to the P.D.A., there are not many HighTops left. Fox only encounters two HighTops in his adventure. The first one is encountered at Cape Claw, and the other one is imprisoned at Dragon Rock. The HighTop of Cape Claw buried his Gold Bars to hide them from the SharpClaws, but he forgot where he hid them. If Fox recovers all four Gold Bars, the HighTop allows him to enter the Ocean Force Point Temple. At Dragon Rock, Fox must free the imprisoned HighTop and destroy Sentinels along the way. The HighTop allows Fox to reach the area with the last SpellStone.

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