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Fire Blaster

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Fox uses the Fire Blaster.
SFA Fire Blaster icon.png

The Fire Blaster is the first Staff Upgrade that Fox obtains in Star Fox Adventures. It allows him to shoot fireballs from the tip of Krystal's Staff at distant objects, including enemies and their associated switches. Fox obtains the Fire Blaster upgrade from a Staff Cavern in ThornTail Hollow, shortly after obtaining the Staff itself.

Other essential uses of the Fire Blaster include: detonating Bomb Spore Plants and lighting torches. Some enemies, such as Peepers, can only be defeated from the Fire Blaster. It also plays an essential role during the boss fights against Galdon and Drakor.

Like the other Staff Upgrades, using Fire Blaster takes away from Fox's Staff Energy Meter, which is only refillable via Staff Energy Gems. Also, like the other Staff Upgrades, the player can assign the Fire Blaster to the Y button from the C-Stick Inventory.

Near the end of the game, after Fox freed Krystal and Andross was resurrected, Krystal retrieved her Staff and tried using Fire Blaster on Andross, to no effect.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヒートブラスト
Hīto Burasuto
Heat Blast
French Lance-Flammes Flamethrower
Spanish Rayo de Fuego Fire Ray