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Staff Cavern

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Staff Cavern
Staff Cavern SFA.png
Fox receiving the Fire Blaster upgrade from the first Staff Cavern.
Game(s) Star Fox Adventures
Planet Dinosaur Planet
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Staff Caverns, also known as Magic Caves[1], are underground locations where Fox can learn a new ability for his staff in Star Fox Adventures. There are a total of eight Staff Caverns--six for learning a new ability and three for upgrading the Staff Energy Meter. The SharpClaw Disguise and Portal Opener are the only two Staff Upgrades that cannot be learned from a Staff Cavern.

Staff Caverns are small and very simple in design; they only consist of a small passage leading down into a symmetrical, circular room with a center platform where Fox can receive the Staff Upgrade. A body of water surround the center platform, and the surface outside from the water has Staff Energy Gems placed at random edges. The first Staff Cavern has a Fire Blaster Switch at its gate, which Fox can use Fire Blaster on and then exit back outside.


Location Staff Upgrade Description
ThornTail Hollow Fire Blaster Near the entrance to SnowHorn Wastes
ThornTail Hollow Rocket Boost On the upper level of the Ancient Well
SnowHorn Wastes Staff Energy Meter upgrade #1 Having Tricky dig a crack near the area's first SnowHorn.
ThornTail Hollow Staff Energy Meter upgrade #2 On top of the ThornTail Store, accessible from a Rocket Boost Pad.
Volcano Force Point Temple Ice Blast
Moon Mountain Pass Ground Quake
Cape Claw Staff Energy upgrade #3
Walled City Super Ground Quake


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