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BribeClaw Adventures screenshot.png
The BribeClaw of SnowHorn Wastes.
Home planet Dinosaur Planet
Role Guarding pathways
Premiere game Star Fox Adventures
Affiliations General Scales
Race SharpClaw Tribe
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"You pass. But don't tell boss."
— BribeClaw

BribeClaws are large, indigo-skinned, muscular SharpClaws wearing a plumed helmet. They only appear in Star Fox Adventures, where General Scales instructed the BribeClaws to block certain passages, but BribeClaws be bribed to stand aside if paid with Scarabs, hence their name.


The BribeClaw of Cape Claw

Like regular SharpClaws, each BribeClaw is wearing a suit of armor. Each BribeClaw is holding a large staff that helps it from preventing trespassers.

Fox only encounters two BribeClaws on his adventure. They allow Fox to pass if he pays 25 Scarabs to each of them. By doing so, the BribeClaw asks Fox to not tell their boss, General Scales, and then stands to the side for Fox to pass.

The first BribeClaw appears in the lowest area of SnowHorn Wastes, blocking the path back to ThornTail Hollow. The second BribeClaw is at Cape Claw, blocking the wooden bridge to the HighTop. However, Fox can pass the second one by using a nearby Staff Pad, causing him to move aside as if he were paid.