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Tusk Attack

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A SnowHorn uses Tusk Attack.
An EarthWalker demonstrates Tusk Attack to Fox McCloud.

The Tusk Attack is a move executable by SnowHorns and EarthWalkers in Star Fox Adventures, and is, as the name implies, an attack using their tusks. A rather potent technique, the Tusk Attack plays an important role in three parts of the game. In the first instance of its use, a SnowHorn helps Fox McCloud and Prince Tricky by smashing down gates and walls and even some enemies. Tusk Attack is necessary as Fox is attempting to rescue Belina Te, and later, Tricky, as he is lost in the blizzard. In the second instance, an EarthWalker in captivity on Dragon Rock, once freed by Fox, informs him that each of the patrolling robots on Dragon Rock is invincible due to their shields. The only way to destroy the robots is to run around the area and smash rock walls covering the generators for the robots' shields. It can also be used to knock down Staff Energy Gems from Magic Trees to refill Fox's Staff Energy Meter. Tusk Attack is quite effective against the crawling dinosaurs around the area, but much less to the flower-like plants and GrubTub Fungus. Worthy of note is that when Tusk Attack is used on an enemy it creates a "punching and kicking" sound effect. Tusk Attack is necessary in this instance as Fox must expose the generators for the shields of the patrolling robots, casing them to disappear, and allowing Fox to take the robots out himself. This releases a hallway leading to the captive HighTop on Dragon Rock.

Tusk Attack can only be used when mounted on a SnowHorn or EarthWalker and the barriers destructible by Tusk Attack cannot be destroyed with any attacks from Krystal's Staff or Tricky's commands.