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Fox battling a FireCrawler.
Game(s) Star Fox Adventures
Location Dragon Rock
Weakness(es) Ice Blast
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FireCrawlers[1] are turtle-like enemies featured throughout Dragon Rock of Star Fox Adventures. One FireCrawler also appears during a meteor impact at Moon Mountain Pass. FireCrawlers only have two forelegs for appendages and an armored, spiky shell for defense.

As their name suggests, FireCrawlers are capable of producing fire. Their attacks include breathing fire and engulfing themselves in flames. FireCrawlers prefer to be left alone and usually only attack when provoked.[1] Fox can provoke a FireCrawler by whacking it with the Staff, causing it to defend itself by retreating back into its shell and engulfing itself in flames.

By retracting into their shells, FireCrawlers are open to being attacked by Fox. He can defeat a FireCrawler by freezing it with Ice Blast and then striking it with the Staff. Despite its strength, the EarthWalker that Fox rides cannot defeat FireCrawlers by ramming into them. The three FireCrawlers near the Life-Force Door are the only ones that Fox is required to defeat, because this allows him to rescue the imprisoned CloudRunner.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ファイアクローラ
Spanish EscupeFuego Spits fire


  • The theme that plays when Fox fights a FireCrawler is also played when fighting a RedEye.