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Frost Weed

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Fox approaching some Frost Weeds.

Frost Weeds are a type of plant produced by the Frost Weed Tree of SnowHorn Wastes in Star Fox Adventures.


Frost Weeds are a source of energy for Garunda Te and possibly other SnowHorns. They are very similar in appearance to the Fire Weeds of ThornTail Hollow. Frost Weeds are fragile and easily break when walked on, or even if whacked by the Staff.


The Frost Weed Tree

After unlocking a path of SnowHorn Wastes with the SharpClaw Prison Key, Fox McCloud finds Garunda Te trapped below ice, where the SharpClaw had imprisoned him. He requests Fox to bring him some Frost Weeds, so that he can gain the strength to break out from below the ice.

Fox must whack the nearby Frost Weed Tree to release some Frost Weeds, and then issue the Find Command to Prince Tricky, who then pushes a Frost Weed to Garunda Te. A group of four blue SharpClaws make this more challenging for Fox.

As the Frost Weed nears Garunda Te, he attempts to suck it in with his trunk. Garunda Te must be fed three Frost Weeds in order to break free, and the player can review his energy amount from a meter on-screen, with a light green bar representing how much energy he has recovered.