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White GrubTub Fungus

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"This is a White GrubTub Fungus. You need to collect 6 of these and feed them to the Queen EarthWalker."
— In-game description

White GrubTub Fungi are a type of item in Star Fox Adventures and a variant of the Blue GrubTub Fungus. They must also be stunned with the Staff before being collected. They can only be found in a cave in the ancient well in ThornTail Hollow, where Fox needs to collect six of them -and only these six ever make an appearance- in order to cure the Queen EarthWalker's illness. A ThornTail states the White GrubTub Fungi are the Queen's only hope. They also happen to only grow in dark places, or more precisely, in the Ancient Well. A FireFly Lantern is needed to convince the ThornTail blocking the cave's entrance of Fox's capabilities. Once the Fungi are fed to the Queen, she will fill Fox in what's tearing the planet Sauria apart. After this, she'll give Fox the SharpClaw Prison Key.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese いやしキノコ
Iyashi Kinoko
Healing Mushrooms
French Champignon Grubtub Blanc White Grubtub Mushroom
Spanish Hongo Blanco White Fungus