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ThornTail Tribe

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ThornTail Tribe
A ThornTail
Game(s) Star Fox Adventures
Star Fox: Assault
Location(s) ThornTail Hollow (Adventures)
Sauria (Assault)
Affiliation EarthWalker Tribe
Fox McCloud
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A ThornTail eating grass in ThornTail Hollow

The ThornTail Tribe are a herbivorous, peaceful tribe of dinosaurs on Dinosaur Planet who live in ThornTail Hollow, a location named after them, in Star Fox Adventures. They are based on a group of armor-plated dinosaurs known as Nodosaurs. The ThornTail are afraid of the dark, requiring lit beacons to feel safe at night. Their tribe is very peaceful, as they do not get involved with the war against the SharpClaw. The ThornTails seem to have a close relationship with the EarthWalkers, calling Queen EarthWalker their queen as well. The ThornTails have thick, brownish golden skin, spiked armor, and large beaks. They are herbivores and graze on the weeds and grass below. Their hind legs are larger than their front legs, rendering them slightly clumsy.

ThornTails make a minor appearance in Star Fox: Assault. They were incapble of defending themselves from the Aparoids and were infected by a disease known as "Aparoidedation". Slippy first shows this to Fox in a briefing just before they go down to Sauria. The ThornTail's illness is identifiable from the light blue throbbing veins on its neck. Fox can also find some infected ThornTails on Sauria, lying unconsciously just like in the photo Slippy shows to Fox.


Image Name Description
Crazy ThornTail.jpg Crazy ThornTail He has lived alone at the bottom of the Ancient Well for fifty years, guarding the dark caves below. He is somewhat insane as a result, and prohibits Fox from entering unless he has purchased the FireFly Lantern from the ThornTail Store. He uses most of his time sleeping.
Mother ThornTail.jpg Mother ThornTail She is very concerned about the safety of her unhatched young because the EggSnatchers try to feed on her eggs, so Fox has to drive them away. She dwells in a small cave near the WarpStone.
Quiet ThornTail.jpg Quiet ThornTail A ThornTail who mumbles and grumbles to himself. "I haven't spoken since something terrible happened." he remarks. This brave dinosaur led a small revolt against General Scales and his three friends were captured. He is also the GateKeeper of Dragon Rock, which he keeps a secret for most of Fox's adventure.
Angry ThornTail Guards treasures and chases Fox away if he tries to collect them.