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Drakor in Star Fox Adventures.
Game(s) Star Fox Adventures
Location Dragon Rock
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Drakor is the last SpellStone Guardian in Star Fox Adventures. Once Fox McCloud released the captive dinosaurs in Dragon Rock, Fox was able to enter the center of the volcano, which was where Drakor appeared and attacked Fox while on a floating platform. Like most of the Dragon Rock level, this fight took place in first-person mode with Krystal's staff. Fox used the staff's Fire Blaster power to shoot down Drakor. After defeating him, he fell in the lava and burned to death and Fox claimed the last SpellStone. He was created through severe mutation caused by General Scales.

His attacks consist of shooting small blue laser bullets at Fox and setting electric traps behind him. He'll fly behind obstacles in certain parts of the fight. He also will cease his attacks and fly away when laying traps. In parts of the fight, the player must shoot the red switches to turn off the fire being shot when certain places are passed.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダラコー

Behind the scenes

  • In the original script for Dinosaur Planet, Drakor was actually the true main antagonist of the game, being a major figure of the Kamerian race who would have directly opposed the Krazoa Spirits, controlling General Scales behind the scenes, resulting in a possible future in which the main character Sabre is killed in battle before Krystal travels back in time. This may have been deemed too convoluted or hard to write into the storyline since Krystal's playability greatly diminished when the title was converted into a Star Fox game. At any rate, Drakor was turned into another non-speaking boss and Andross would take his place as the main antagonist.

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