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Game Well Maze

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The Game Well Maze, as seen in-game.

Game Well Maze is a large, underground labyrinth located underneath the WarpStone in Star Fox Adventures. The Maze contains four jars of Scarabs, three crates with PukPuk Eggs and Dumbledang Pods, some vicious, wall-clinging plants, four warps to the entrance and a well, in which the Cheat Tokens Fox has collected can be cast in. The Well is located in the north-western part of the Maze and its rewards range from pieces of text to more "beneficial" things, though none of them is actually useful gameplay-wise, nor are any of them required to complete the game.


The following features can be unlocked through the Game Well Maze.

  • Game Credits: Allows one to view the game credits.
  • Sound Test: Plays the music featured in-game.
  • Sepia Mode: Allows the game to be played from a brown-and-white perspective.
  • Saurian Cutscenes: Words spoken in the Saurian language by the Thorntail can be viewed through cutscenes instead of text.
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