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DumbleDang Pod

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DumbleDang Pod
Dumbledang Pod SFA.png
A DumbleDang Pod in the ThornTail Store.
Games Star Fox Adventures
Usage Restores a half of Fox's heart
Location(s) All across Dinosaur Planet
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DumbleDang Pods are a health-restoring item in Star Fox Adventures. They are light green, orange-striped nuts that restore half of a heart on Fox's health meter, which is twice as less as PukPuk Eggs.

DumbleDang Pods are not as common as PukPuk Eggs. Their main appearance is in ThornTail Hollow, the first area visited on Dinosaur Planet, which even features its own DumbleDang Trees with purple flowers that bloom into DumbleDang Pods. These items are more commonly found in SharpClaw Crates and Baskets.

Despite being easily obtainable in ThornTail Hollow, a DumbleDang Pod appears for sale in the blue room of ThornTail Store for three Scarabs. He also sells four DumbleDang Pods for ten Scarabs (which altogether restore a maximum of two hearts). Purchasing an individual DumbleDang Pod is considerably pointless because some Baskets in the store contain a DumbleDang Pod. A single DumbleDang Pod is the cheapest item up for sale, and Fox can bargain to rather pay two Scarabs instead. The four DumbleDang Pods can be bargained for eight Scarabs.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エナジーナッツ
Enajī Nattsu
Energy Nuts
French Cosse de Dumbeldang Dumbeldang Pod
Spanish Vaina de Dumbeldán Dumbeldang Pod