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WarpStone Adventures.png
Fox meets the WarpStone
Home Planet Sauria
Premiere game Star Fox Adventures
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WarpStone is a giant human torso made of stone, whom Fox McCloud meets in ThornTail Hollow on planet Sauria in Star Fox Adventures. He is said to have been left alone to rest for a thousand years. Only invited guests are allowed to meet him. Fox gains his permission from the Queen EarthWalker. He dwells in ThornTail Hollow, on a small, round island in the middle of a small pond. A Bomb Spore must be used to blow up the cracked wall in order to reach the place.


When Fox first met him, the WarpStone only complained about not being brought gifts to anymore. Fox bought the Rock Candy in ThornTail Store and presented it to the WarpStone. At first, the WarpStone refused to help, but later agrees to help Fox by warping him to a couple of places as well as granting access to the Game Well Maze. He used his right hand to warp Fox to the Ice Mountain and the left one for Krazoa Palace. He reveals the entrance to Game Well Maze by lifting himself up a bit. Fox returned to the WarpStone every time after absorbing a Krazoa Spirit. After Fox returned the fourth Krazoa Spirit and the third SpellStone, the WarpStone revealed the location of the final SpellStone along with the identity of the GateKeeper of Dragon Rock.



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