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Sabre DP sketch.jpg
Sabre as depicted in concept art.
Home planet Animus
Role Royal Knight
Premiere game N/A (Was intended to be Dinosaur Planet)
Affiliations N/A
Race Wolf
Family Randorn (father)
Krystal (adopted sister)
Teams N/A
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Sabre is an unused character that was created by Rare with the intention of being one of the main protagonists for Dinosaur Planet alongside Krystal. He was ultimately cut and replaced by Fox McCloud when the game was scrapped and turned into Star Fox Adventures.

Appearance and personality

Sabre was depicted in early screenshots of Dinosaur Planet as canine-like with tan fur and blue eyes. He wore medieval-style clothing and carried a sword. Due to very little of the story being revealed prior to the game's restructure, not much is known about Sabre's personality. In early gameplay trailers, Sabre is depicted in cutscenes as being brave and heroic, true to his title as a royal knight.


Very little is known about Sabre. In early gameplay trailers, Sabre mentions that he's from a planet called Animus and that he is a royal knight. Another scrapped character, Randorn, was to be depicted as his father and that Krystal was meant to be his adopted sister. Additionally, Tricky was meant to be a sidekick of his.