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SharpClaw Tribe

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SharpClaw Tribe
A standard SharpClaw in Star Fox Adventures.
Game(s) Star Fox Adventures
Location(s) Dinosaur Planet
Affiliation General Scales
RedEye Tribe
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The SharpClaw Tribe are a vicious dinosaur tribe on Dinosaur Planet and are the main enemies of Star Fox Adventures. They serve under the leadership of General Scales, whose goal is to conquer Dinosaur Planet. SharpClaws are the most common enemies and appear in almost every location in the game.


Fox fighting a SharpClaw.

The SharpClaws are based on the Tyrannosaurus Rex, and they each have smaller legs, three fingers, and longer arms. They are affiliated with the vicious RedEye Tribe. SharpClaws also have a larger counterpart named BribeClaws, whose role is blocking others from accessing some passages.

The SharpClaw Tribe are the most advanced tribe of Dinosaur Planet. Their technology includes SharpClaw Speeders, SharpClaw Crates, Sentry Bots, and spacecraft (namely the one that Tricky appears out from in Ice Mountain). Every SharpClaw wears an armor for defense and a spiked helmet. They wield a variety of weapons, including shields, maces and axes. SharpClaws can also attack by swinging their tails and ramming their head. Despite their technological advancements over the other tribes, SharpClaws still communicate with slight grammatical errors.

Fox can utilize many moves while fighting a SharpClaw, which can usually be defeated by hitting them with the staff or using Fire Blaster in succession. He can also use Ice Blast to freeze a SharpClaw and then defeat it from a single hit. The player can use different button combinations while fighting a SharpClaw, allowing Fox to perform extra techniques such as dodging or protecting himself from a SharpClaw's attack. Fox can also attack the SharpClaws at different angles.

Starting with CloudRunner Fortress, Fox can disguise himself as a yellow SharpClaw via Slippy's invention, the SharpClaw Disguise.


The SharpClaw Tribe is more diverse than the other dinosaur tribes, as they can vary in size, appearance, and skin color. Their leader, General Scales, is taller and appears different from every other SharpClaw. There are three main SharpClaw variants.

  • Grunt - These are the most common SharpClaw, who are usually yellow-skinned and sport a few black stripes on their back. In the snowy regions, including Ice Mountain, SnowHorn Wastes, and DarkIce Mines, the SharpClaw grunts are blue-skinned instead.
  • Knight - This type is slightly larger than the SharpClaw grunts. They are either green or yellow-skinned, and are heavily armored as they carry around an axe and a shield that does a better job at protecting them from Fox's attacks. Fox can only attack this type with the Staff just as they are about to swing at him.
  • Giant - These SharpClaws are essentially a larger version of the SharpClaw knights. They are the most uncommon type and are pale gray color. One of the giant SharpClaws appears in Moon Mountain Pass.


According to the Queen EarthWalker, the SharpClaws have had numerous unsuccessful attempts to conquer Dinosaur Planet, until one day General Scales became more powerful. It is suggested that Andross may have helped them gain this power, more specifically through their leader, General Scales.

In his adventure, Fox first encounters the SharpClaws at ThornTail Hollow, standing outside the entrance to the Queen EarthWalker's refuge. He must defeat each one for a Fire Blaster switch to appear on the building. By activating it, Fox can open up the door into the building.

Fox is most often required to defeat SharpClaws in order to progress, as he must save characters like Tricky in Ice Mountain, a SnowHorn in DarkIce Mines, and the Baby CloudRunners in CloudRunner Fortress. In some cases, Fox must defeat some SharpClaws to deactivate a Life-Force Door. There are a few instances where he rides a SharpClaw Speeder on a race against two SharpClaws.

In the Test of Combat, Fox's goal is to defeat several SharpClaws, including the grunt and knight variants.

After Fox has defeated both General Scales and Andross, the SharpClaws are seen celebrating over Fox's victory. One SharpClaw even holds up the belt of General Scales.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シャープクロウ族
SharpClaw Tribe