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Ground Quake

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Ground Quake SF Adventures icon.png
E3 2002 screenshot of Fox performing the Ground Quake in LightFoot Village.

Ground Quake is a Staff Upgrade acquired late in Star Fox Adventures. It involves Fox building up energy with the staff while jumping and then slamming the staff into the ground to create a blue shockwave. The move uses up a large portion of the Staff Energy Meter.

Fox learns the move in Moon Mountain Pass just after leaving the Volcano Force Point Temple. Kalda Chom can only be defeated from the Ground Quake, making it the only way to obtain MoonSeeds.

In Walled City, Fox learns the Super Ground Quake, which is more powerful than Ground Quake. The main difference is that it can defeat RedEyes, which is required to get to the Gold RedEye Tooth. The Super Ground Quake creates a larger, orange shockwave when Fox lands onto the ground.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
French Choc Sismique Seismic Shock
Spanish Golpe Sísmico Seismic Shock