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SnowHorn Tribe

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SnowHorn Tribe
SnowHorn Tribe.jpg
Artwork of a blue and a brown SnowHorn.
Game(s) Star Fox Adventures
Location(s) SnowHorn Wastes, DarkIce Mines
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The SnowHorn Tribe are a tribe of tundra dwellers that are found at SnowHorn Wastes and DarkIce Mines in Star Fox Adventures. They are based on real world mammoths and are the only mammal denizens of Dinosaur Planet. Their favorite food is Alpine Roots, which provide them with energy. Their leader is Garunda Te, who is one of the GateKeepers, and he has a daughter named Belina Te.


Prior to the game's events, the SnowHorns were enslaved by General Scales and sent to work in DarkIce Mines.

In SnowHorn Wastes, Fox encounters a SnowHorn who helps him once he is fed two Alpine Roots. One of the GateKeepers, Garunda Te, is a SnowHorn and is found in the area.

When Fox arrives at DarkIce Mines, he finds a SnowHorn being beaten by SharpClaws. After defeating them, Fox must recover the SnowHorn with Alpine Roots. After doing so, the SnowHorn allows Fox to ride him. He can ride the SnowHorn by climbing onto it from a wooden platform. SnowHorns are very strong, although they move around slowly. While riding a SnowHorn, Fox can make it perform a Tusk Attack to break down certain barriers, including a gate that blocks a SharpClaw fortress and the Dinosaur Horn. The SnowHorn allows Fox for back and forth travel between the two platforms.

At the Horn Pad, Fox must play the Dinosaur Horn to summon another SnowHorn, which is another he can ride. Fox must ride the SnowHorn so that he can travel through an area with a strong blizzard. The SnowHorn has limited health, so Fox must keep it fed with Alpine Roots along the way.