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Cape Claw

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Cape Claw
Cape Claw.jpg
Fox in Cape Claw in an early version of Star Fox Adventures.
Game(s) Star Fox Adventures
Inhabitant(s) HighTop
Planet Dinosaur Planet
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Cape Claw is a peninsula with beaches, waterfalls and Krazoa ruins on the planet Sauria in Star Fox Adventures. It is only accessible through the LightFoot Village after completing the Moon Mountain Pass and after delivering its Krazoa Spirit to the Krazoa Palace.

There were four buried gold bars Fox McCloud had to find for a HighTop who hid them when he heard the SharpClaw were coming, but had forgotten where he hid them. Fox had to utilize Tricky and his many commands to find them. Here Fox also saved Queen CloudRunner who happened to be the GateKeeper of CloudRunner Fortress. After Fox's brief explanation of why he needed the SpellStones, the Queen agreed to help and opened the gateway to the CloudRunner Fortress.

Here Fox also found a Staff Energy Meter upgrade and a well, which sold him one of the eight Cheat Tokens.