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Cape Claw

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Cape Claw
Cape Claw Adventures view.png
A view of Cape Claw.
Game(s) Star Fox Adventures
Inhabitant(s) HighTop
Planet Dinosaur Planet
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Cape Claw is a peninsula with beaches, waterfalls and Krazoa ruins located on Dinosaur Planet in Star Fox Adventures. It serves as a passing between the LightFoot Village and the Ocean Force Point Temple. Fox and Tricky can access Cape Claw after returning the second Krazoa Spirit to Krazoa Palace.


In Cape Claw, Fox must locate four Gold Bars that were hidden by a HighTop. A BribeClaw is blocking the path on the wooden pier to the HighTop, and Fox must pay him with Scarabs to walk down the path. Later on, Fox also rescues the Queen CloudRunner, who is the GateKeeper of CloudRunner Fortress. Fox also obtains the Fire Gem in this location.

Later on, after obtaining the Portal Opener upgrade, Fox can use a SharpClaw Cannon to blast open a rock leading to a Magic Cave with the third Staff Energy Meter upgrade. He can also use the cannon to blast some platforms, of which a Scarab Well is hiding behind.