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The Krazoa God is part of the Krazoa species.

The Krazoa are an ancient race of powerful beings who ruled Dinosaur Planet for thousands of years before the SpellStone crisis in Star Fox Adventures. They are said to have been the original constructors of the temples and shrines. They are also said to be the creators of life on Dinosaur Planet and the SpellStones that held the planet together.


At the time of the second SpellStone crisis, the dinosaur tribes knew the Krazoa as powerful deities which gave life stability and order to the planet. The Krazoa were known to have god-like powers. They could manipulate internal life force energy coming from seven important centers and project it externally to use as either a creative tool or a weapon of defense, this being a result of the enlightenment that they gained in their years of deep meditation.

It is also said that their energy manipulation can perform a number of different tasks, such as controlling physical objects and manipulating other outside energies and elements such as earth, wind, fire, and water; evidently it was these abilities which were used to create the Force Point Temples of Fire (Volcano Force Point Temple) and Water (Ocean Force Point Temple), as seen in the Ocean Force Point Temple, there are many tall colums of stabilized liquid water some how held to gather to form solid shapes although still in liquid form.