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Queen CloudRunner

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The Queen CloudRunner (on the left).

The Queen CloudRunner is the leader of the CloudRunner Tribe in Star Fox Adventures and the GateKeeper of CloudRunner Fortress. She first appears caged in a cave in Cape Claw and Fox has to release her by solving a puzzle. After Fox releases her, she opens the Gateway to the CloudRunner Fortress, leading Fox to the next SpellStone. When she and Fox arrive, she tells Fox to meet her inside the Fortress, while Fox has to solve a puzzle to gain access. When Fox finally enters, he finds that General Scales has captured her, and is interrogating her with brute force, this makes Fox angry, and he decides to attack Scales. This causes Fox and the Queen to get captured by the SharpClaw Tribe. When Fox escapes, he finds the Queen caged again in a giant bird cage. Fox releases her by opening two staff switches. Then the Queen asks Fox to find her children using the CloudRunner Flute. When Fox Reunites the family, the sons of the Queen unlock the Cage to allow Fox get to the hiding place of Scales. When Fox returns from facing Scales' men, the Queen scolded Fox along with other CloudRunners to his Arwing.

The CloudRunner and EarthWalker Tribes do not like each other. As a result, Tricky refuses to visit to CloudRunner Fortress with Fox. Tricky's first reaction when he saw the Queen was: "Shoo, Shoo,!! Go away CloudRunner, get away!!" and when Fox asks Peppy to get his Arwing ready to go to the CloudRunner Fortress, Tricky says: "There's no way I'm going up to her fortress!"