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Baby CloudRunner

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A Baby CloudRunner.

The Baby CloudRunners are the children of the Queen CloudRunner in Star Fox Adventures.


After freeing the Queen CloudRunner from her cage, she requests Fox find and return her babies to her. They are scattered around CloudRunner Fortress in fear of the SharpClaws. The Queen CloudRunner provides him with the CloudRunner Flute, which is used to summon them back.

After rescuing all four, Fox must return to the Queen CloudRunner. She thanks Fox for rescuing her, and both she and her babies each stand on a switch to open the door to the Fortress's treasure room.

Just after Fox collects the second SpellStone, the Baby CloudRunners can be seen in a following cutscene alongside the Queen CloudRunner. Fox can also later find a Baby CloudRunner in ThornTail Hollow, and play the CloudRunner Flute to it for a Bafomdad.


The Baby CloudRunners must be rescued in a specific order. Each one is confronted by a certain number of SharpClaws, based on the order they are rescued in. After rescuing a Baby CloudRunner, Fox must face it and play the CloudRunner Horn to return it to the Queen CloudRunner.

  1. Located on the far right of the balcony, which is connected to the Queen CloudRunner's cage. The first Baby CloudRunner is on top of the crates, and Fox must defeat the nearby SharpClaw.
  2. Fox must go through a gate adjacent to the first child, cross the gap via the strong wind gust, and fight two SharpClaws.
  3. After rescuing the second, Fox must jump down to the courtyard, then walk through a gap in the nearby floor debris. He must then walk down a passage on the left, then climb down a ladder, and use a nearby Rocket Boost Pad. He must then defeat the three SharpClaws surrounding the third Baby CloudRunner.
  4. The fourth and final Baby CloudRunner is in the same location as the first one, except it is sitting on some crates at the leftmost side of the balcony. Fox must go back up to the location and defeat four SharpClaws surrounding it.